Lottery! Moze mods!

Yayyyy Five Mods to be exact!

How many enemies have I killed with Melee attacks?

Winner gets 5 Moze Mods with at least one bloodletter!!

Good luck!

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Is there a Raging Bear involved and which character’s melee attacks are we talking about here?

All lotteries are based off the only suitable VH, Moze.
Yes raging bear. If you are polite, I might even listen to stats you want. :wink:

May I ask if you ever did the rough rider glitch? Cuz that could dramatically change the numbers.

I’ve never glitched. I’ve never cheated. I’ve never sold anything. Never will. :blush:

Then 68 melee kills.

500+ Melee kills (originally 4372 Melee kills). (based on me being a casual player with only 393 and you probably having done much more)

Edited due to realizing you can’t see the number past the maximum.

Ima say 39 melee kills.

I’m going with 12, it’s not like Moze has a good reason to knife someone…

I’m gonna guess 55

301 :stuck_out_tongue:

Really? Other than that personal touch of “you’re dead” to an annoying bunch of AI? I main Moze from day one and it’s satisfying to melee! I sure don’t care if it’s the “best” way or not to do it.

Hey if that works for you that’s great, for me it’s a shooter so i like to shoot. Brawler Amara being the exception.

Time is running out for your guesses!! Tomorrow’s lottery is going to be amazing! FYI.

I’m gonna assume by this that my guess of 12 may have been a tad low… :rofl:

I’d do a little research before guessing :grin:

I’ve been playing since day one and I’ve contributed to the forum a ton. Moze is terrible with Melee FYI.

Alll right, results will be posted shortly.