Lottery! Only for Royalty!

I know people love Jacobs pistols!

How many enemies have I killed with an SMG while sliding?

Tomorrow I will be giving away a lovely pair of pistols!

We have a Kings Call:

And a lovely Queens Call:

Winner will receive BOTH pistols!
2nd place will receive an unanoited cryo Queens Call!

Results will be posted tomorrow evening. ONLY exact guesses will be tallied. Good Luck!! :astonished::ok_hand::grinning:

Saying 7

76 :stuck_out_tongue:

135 is my guess

I’m going with 25

I’m gonna go 150

I’ll say 1, which would be the same amount as my clone Zane has (the character I’ve played the most).

It’s got be 32…

Congratulations! The answer is…3!!!

Send me your gamertag and I will send you your pistols!!

Congratulations!! You got 2nd place!

The answer was 3!

Your pistol has been sent!

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Next lottery details will be up shortly! Congratulations to the winners!!

My gt = Trathenator

This is a really cool idea. Thanks a lot.

Sent! No problem man! Happy hunting!

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Thanks, man! I love what you’re doing. Lottery stuff, nice idea!