Lottery! SIREN Day!

HOW Many Surveyors have I killed?

I don’t play Amara so I have a ton of siren gear!

Winner gets 5 anointed Siren Items! That’s right FIVE!

You will receive this dreamy EM-P5 and 4 other items…(ooooo, ahhhhh).

Good Luck!!


Ill go with 200

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Now I’m intrigued :smile:, I’m gonna say 80.

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Now there’s a gun that I don’t have and I mostly play Amara.

I’m thinking that you farm Freddie a lot and have killed a lot of them.

My guess is 350.

would say 150 :slight_smile:

78 is my guess

Ima try 450.

This playa is a killa, I’m going with 513…

I’m going to say 460.

I will go big and say 670.

  1. Ish.

Saying 59

You have killed approximately 69 and a half Surveyors. I know I am right.

Time is running down! Make sure you get your guesses in!!

How many surveyors have I killed?


524 :stuck_out_tongue:

So. My guess is 642.

Alll right I’m cutting it off. Results will be posted shortly!

Congratulations you were closest with 251. I have killed 272 surveyors!

Just a huge tip, rank 5 is 300. Id look up the max :grimacing: for rank 5.

The next lottery will be posted shortly! Stay tuned!