Love: A Borderlands Story

Hello my fellow Vault Hunters, Psychos, and whatever other Badasses are out there. I simply wanted to share my story involving this wonderful series that Gearbox has created and nourished, and create a place where similar stories could be shared.

To start, I’ve loved Borderlands since I saw the first teaser trailer, and knew I had to own it. I’ve played the crap out of all of them, they never get old, and I love that I can share the screen with a friend and play together. Every aspect of this game, from RPG elements, to FPS elements, to the f**ktons of loot, just called to me and created the perfect combo for this to be among my favorites. Now that we have a bit of background, I’d like to begin the story of meeting my wife.

7 years ago, I went to a rock/metal/hardcore concert with a friend. She had a hot friend that I gave a ride to as well, and it was love at first sight. I mean, aside from the looks, she was the PERFECT girl for me. After this concert, a day I consider a date, and she considers a weird hangout where I made dinner, and another official date, I had to share one of my favorite things with her: video games. She never really played them much, and only rarely watched her brothers play any, and well, they’re important to me so I wanted her to at least give it a shot. After talking to her a bit, I knew the perfect game to try, so we built a pillow fort and played Borderlands. She. Was. HOOKED. She loved Lilith, and I played as Mordecai, and we played that game all the freaking time. Some of our best dates were spent in sheet forts, shooting psychos, and looting everything we could get our mits on.

Very soon after this, Borderlands 2 was announced. We pre-ordered it as soon as we could, and beat the first one so we could be ready. We showed up to the midnight release, got our copy, and pulled an all-nighter as Zer0 and Maya, and let me tell ya it was the funnest and most memorable night of my life with her. We had snacks, we had a fort, we had a huge tv, we had our own controllers, and we just had the time of our lives playing it. We played it all the time, spent many “date” nights in blanket forts doing what we called “Cuddles and Death.” It was awesome. We beat it and kept playing up until I left on a volunteer mission for the LDS church. The pre-sequel came out ON MY BIRTHDAY while I was away for two years, so I couldn’t play, but my awesome girlfriend had it ready for us to pick up and play when I got back home!

I eventually picked up a PS4 for us and the first game we bought was the Handsome Collection for it. We replayed our favorite characters, on glorious PS4 this time, and made the best damn team on Pandora. Those nights of Cuddles and Death in sheet forts are still my favorite, and once we got married, it didn’t change. We love these games, and they brought us closer together and helped us bond an absurd amount for a series with lines like “I’ll wear your scrotum like a face mask!” and “You’ll never take me alive, you robotic sumbitch!” They really showed us what a good team we were, and helped with communication and all kinds of corny crap that makes for a good relationship. It also got my wonderful wife into the world of video games, and it’s a passion we now share in together. I am so grateful for this ridiculous series, and it just perfectly reflects our personalities and everything we love, for as weird as it is.

I forgot to mention exactly when we got married… September 13th, 2016. Borderlands 3, this spectacular game we’ve been waiting awhile for, the one that actually has the number 3 despite being the 5th one made, comes out on our 3rd freaking anniversary. That kind of coincidence is just ridiculous! Thank you Gearbox and the creators for creating an opportunity for us to get the best anniversary present ever! We are hoping to pre-order the Collector’s Edition for PS4, but seeing how fast they’re going, and how broke we are, we might just have to settle for the game by itself. Regardless of how that goes though, we are so excited, so happy, and ready to take on this new adventure together with lots of Cuddles and Death and blanket forts.

Thank you to the awesome creators again, and now I’d love to hear some of your stories about how such a silly and fantastic game changed your lives!


This was a great story!!




What an awesome anniversary present. I knkw what you two will do on 9/13. :wink::wink:

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The pillow fort thing is adorable. Happy upcoming anniversary. I wish you both all the best.


That’s just beautiful. On our 2nd date, I showed BL2 to my girlfriend. She didn’t catch on, but with our work schedules being so different, it’s not a bad thing to have a few seperate interests.
Your story is great though, and congratulations on your 3rd anniversay-to-be