Love Amara, Crits & Jakobs? Sweet PZ CMs to Trade!

Hey, looking to trade these rather nice Jakobs PZ mods for
similar SD mods! :smile:

PSN dogstar13

Message if interested here or PSN

Iā€™m sorry but Iā€™m just interested in Spiritual Driver CMs with good
passive Jakobs rolls at level 57. :smile:

:neutral_face: good luck with that.

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How kind, thank you!

Thatā€™s almost that kind of CM Iā€™m looking for, but without Conflux Skill ^^ā€™

Ahh, so close and yet so farā€¦

I know the feeling dude, these are my level 50 SDs Iā€™m trying to replace
and Iā€™ve been close but still no cigar. :frowning_face:

Shadowevil have some video regarding 2 passives on legendary coms meaning to say one of the passive will give double effect.

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Thanks Nat, I just thought I was awesomeā€¦turns out it was the com
and Maggie all along! :cry:

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