Love battleborn , needs new game modes

Hey everyone what u guys think of a new game mode like capture a zone ? I love the game as it is ill probably be a permanent player but I think putting more game modes in will make the game more diverse and more interesting to play
Like a labyrinth (should be in competitive) where u would have to find ur way out and the way out is through the enemy finding shards and building turrets the same
Capture the zone / hold the zone
Carry the flag
I have more ideas but these are some seeing if people would be interested in more game modes for multiplayer

Well, they’ve already said DLC will have new campaign missions and I believe also PvP modes. I imagine they’ll have other things in the full release as well.

They will release new game modes for free sometime in the future. They actually do have a capture and hold mode except it wasn’t in the beta.

There already is a Capture mode, it just want available during open beta. It will be available at release.

Oh okay cool makes me even more keen !

They’ve confirmed more game modes are coming at their PAX panel

Datto is streaming capture as we speak if you want to see it.