Love Dojo but now for the next step

So I love the addition of Dojo in the game as it makes it easier to test gear combinations, helixes and the such, it is awesome but now that we have it I hope you get to work on it and upgrade it to some levels so I have a few suggestions to make Dojo a better “testing ground”.

1:We need more test dummies in it, and when I say this I mean we need a way on how to test our stuff against enemy battleborns, sure we have minions but they’re not an accurate way to test abilities, gears and helixes against so I proposed since the Dojo is modeled after (or maybe is vice versa) OMvsBS, why not open the small rooms for different situations like maybe have on one room a tank where you can dish out damage to see how much damage per second you’re doing, then another room with an ally tank with low health so you can test out healing with, a room with an enemy battleborn that attacks you periodically so you can test out bulk and maybe have an Pendles doing a lap on the stage so you can test out movement and sprint gear, helix and abilites, having these there will surely increase the use of Dojo ten fold as it will be used for more deeper researching.

2:Let friends join in on you, maybe up to two friends including you, because this will prove useful when you want to test out gears that can stack or even finding synergy between characters like see how this ability affect you and how can we get more use of it as well with gear alike.

This are just the ones I can come up with at the moment, I’m pretty sure they’re more people with more ideas that are better, maybe even leave some suggestions on how to upgraded Dojo for the better.


Have enemies who begin rapidly regenerating health after five seconds of not taking damage. Wound would probably not work with this, though. But that gives me an idea. Maybe in the tank room, where you test DPS, there could be another tank that gets healed periodically by Miko. They don’t have the regen-after-five seconds effect, and rely on a stationary Miko bot to heal them up.

Also another room where enemies attack you upon opening the door, but they remain in the room so they aren’t an intrusion.

We also need a way to reset Helix lvls and Gear bought, maybe even a way to change characters while ingame.

Right now it’s a chore trying to test the difference on combinations of gear and helixes on one character, let alone do it for multiple characters.

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Allowing gear Loadout swaps ingame would be nice too. We need a shard pick up to activate girl that needs you to pick up stuff. You need major enemies, and an enemy tier3 accelerator