Love it! Give me more!

Love arms race, love the new trees, now give me more. I want at least 2 more bosses for arms race and another map or two wouldn’t hurt. Lastly give me some more endgame in core to use my arms race loot against, specifically some traditional raid bosses.


I’m still waiting on the Door in Ascensions Bluff.


Yeah ma geez, I had a lit afternoon bout to head into Arms. My Moze has achieved divinity. Bring it on.

Arms Race is terrible. It’s a cheap Fortnite knock off that’s contrary to everything Borderlands is about.


So much fun!


I’m loving it and i hope they build upon it.


This angers me to no end. One year later and we haven’t gotten something showcased in one of the gameplay trailers

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At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if they just scraped the idea and forget it even exists


Hey sorry about off topic but by chance did you change your avatar?

No worries, but nope had this one for at least a year now

Ah ok sorry I get confused thought I remember the name to a fire kitty picture think firelands wow mount style drawing

Been having a good time solo and co op with friends. Really liking the risk reward aspect of it .

Arms Race is cool, but it seriously needs more. Like more bosses and enemy types or something. At the moment it really feels just baseline. Like it was something that was thought up, but never left that early storyboarding phase.

It’s missing that classic zany Borderlands touch which we usually find in the skill trees and action skills. But without those it really does just feel like a pve fortnite clone. The loot is crazy and would be great for any other Battle Royale, but we’ve had a year and some change to get used to it. It needs some zing like some kind of power up drops and randomized bosses from base game. I would love this mode 100 times more if I could drop into the boss room and it turns out I’m fighting Captain Traunt or Gigamind at random instead of the boring boss (who just seems like a basic mob with three health bars?). Something like that would really make me wanna be prepared and pick up everything.

It’s just too bare bones as it stands and it’s kinda hard to even call it a dlc. Really feels like more effort should have gone into it.

Or they’re entirely aware of it and either put it there just to bug the hell out of people or decided to make it some ridiculously convoluted easter egg that people will finally figure out 20 years from now.

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