Love it, warts and all

I’m happy with what we got. The beta is just that… a beta. I have had two nice 3v3 comp stomps, so I know that I can host at least two other people and 3 AIs.

Three expert comps on dynamic against three rusty strangers with no voice comms leads to embarrassment.

Could not remember hot keys and had wrong windows up all over. LOL Fumbled around with stances and formations. Forgot my research tactics, so just winged it.

The AIs rolled us up like a cheap rug.

It is beautiful. Love the visuals.

The balance needs to be addressed, and it will be I am sure.

Broken special functions, but again, that is more moving numbers than re-thinking.

Sound is great, but the S’jet MP build voice sounds… off somehow. No big deal, and in a few weeks I will have forgotten the difference.

Without a lobby we are doomed. Everyone knows it, and we will say it until it happens. :slight_smile: Get used to that one, GB guys. Fix or do somefink!

Love the fast ping responses I have been getting from players. Maybe I am just lucky in the folks who popped into my games.

Lag notification I got once was a nice feature.

All in all, other than my inability to remember how to play, and a few fixable buglets… I am happy.

Get your licks in on Blue while you can. sooner or later it will come back to me. :laughing:

We and GB have some work to do, but it is a damn fine base product.

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After some more games, it is just getting better and better.

I am already adapting to the sprained or broken aspects for the time being. I will re-adapt as things change/improve.

My thoughts so far… These games have all been comp stomps with myself and a couple others against an equal number of expert or hard AI on dynamic. Standard caps and sane settings. No extras or goodies. 3k start. 3v3 on 8 player maps is a very nice setting.

Until the first balance pass, I prefer HW2 races in MP. Less to grumble about.

I have found so far that my best bang for my buck goes like this… These are personal preferences only, and should not be taken as advice. :smile:

scouts, ceptors, bombers, gunships, platforms, Dessies, BCs.

I pile on a wad of collectors and a pair of refineries.

3-5 scout squads to keep probes and enemy scouts at bay.

3-5 ceptors to protect…

3-5 bombers w/imp bombs for a quick Leroy dash to wipe out some modules if HW2 or collectors if HW1.

Gunships 4ever. I keep these coming all game. Max wad of pulsars with a few gunships mixed in is awesome.

Platforms, especially Ions. Once you reach a certain number in a good dispersion, they rock. No more leaving the fleet behind to watch over everything.

Dessies… because Frigates are made of paper and repair is sprained.

BCs… because they rule the map. Two up and one back at home just in case.

I pile on advanced armor; as much as I can afford. If I cannot repair them yet, then they will be as tough as I can make them.

All gunships, platforms and BCs have extra in the que beyond the caps. They are my bread and butter, and I do not want my senior moments to deprive me of any.

I am having a blast. Thank you Gearbox!

I’m enjoying it too.
The loading bug is driving me nuts. Hope they fix that REAL soon so I can play regular 3v3s and 2v2s with real people. IMO that is where homeworld truly truly shines.

Played a lot of 1v1s. Won…a lot of 1v1s.
HW1 races need work, both in functionality, ironing out of bugs, and balance. But damn those models are gorgeous.

UI needs love. The middle “sensor button” is needlessly large. 1-10 is too big. The context menu on the bottom left is too small.

I enjoy it as well, but I am getting REALLY frustrated with the downloading content issues and just people not loading in general.

That is an easy work around for me at least…

Load the map you want to play in “Player vs CPU”.

Play for a while.

End game.

Go to MP room and set up game with same map.

I had an INSTA load with a 3v3 comp stomp.

We all popped in within seconds.