Love Letter to Ernest

Oh Ernest, where have you been all my Battleborn life? I thought I had found my true love when I played and mastered Alani. I thought I was “doing awesome” when I’d play as Ambra and average 6-3-10 (kill-death-assist). But alas, I was so, so wrong. YOU are the character I was meant to be, with your squishy pink cheeks, tiny-winged jump, and adorable southern drawl.

I played you for the first time last night on a whim in PvP for lore (thank you to the Toby for playing as Toby), and somehow I just knew how to play you. You fit so naturally to me. You are the Caldarius to my Rath, the Oscar Mike to my Montana, the Boldur to my Thorn. I went 10-2-20 in our first game, 5 of the kills being some unfortunate Galilea who couldn’t possibly have know the relationship we have together. Never before have I had so much fun, finding myself cackling Orendi-style “Run Galilea, ruuuun!” as I shot grenades at her retreating figure.

Thank you Ernest, for coming in to my life and confirming there is at least one character who I get, who I can truly understand, and who I don’t have to work against my natural playing style to get to full potential. I’m greatly looking forward to our time together.


I like Ernest a lot… more than I thought I would. First thoughts were “ANOTHER Bird with Explosives? What the Duce?”

But after playing him, I like him… all he needs is ONE fix.


It looks like a punch in Ego, please make it so it looks the same way in ego as in third person.

If that gets fixed, he’s perfect to me.

I absolutely love him. And his running and jump animation are adorable!

Wait what does he do when he quick melees? I’m usually the Ernest so I haven’t seen

In first person it looks like he punches with his left claw.

If you do his quick melee and someone watches you it will look like he just uses his belly to attack.