Love The Concept But Hate The Balance

At high level gameplay balance might be different but at low to mid tier it is atrocious.

The problem is that we have a mix of shooter gameplay which requires twitch reflexes/accuracy and then we have faceroll gameplay like melee/healers. I see melee like Rath/Phoebe at the top of the score board almost every time. Once melee is on top of you they have 100% accuracy rate and all you can do as ranged is run and pray. I couldn’t stop laughing about how easy it is to play melee after I played Rath for the first time and went like 12-3. Compare that experience to playing a hero like Whiskey? Forget about it. On top of that their damage and survivability is pretty obscene too. Yes there are some ranged heroes that can do well like Marquis but that is because he is a sniper and completely safe from harm 90% of the match.

Then we got a faceroll healer like Miko who just has to hold a button and run around in circles. Not to mention his damage. Why those he hit so hard as a healer?

Again I realize that at high skill gameplay this might be different given accuracy rate of ranged heroes goes up. But low to mid tier is what draws the masses in and makes a game popular. There needs to be some semblance of balance there too. I think it is going to be very difficult to properly balance the shooter/twitch gameplay with the moba gameplay.

Miko hit hard a he gets no reward whatsoever for spending his time healing. He needs some way to rack up a score. Not to mention he can be killed really damn fast even when he self heals.

Melees have to be dangerous if they close in on ranged characters, as they’re taking damage all the while trying to close gaps. A few tips for stoping them:

Fight in your speed towers aoe
Use the default melee to clear them away
Stay in a pack
Use area denial like thorn or oscars aoes

They only go crazy on kills when everyone is running around yolo, which is also the same place a pocket miko causes issues.

It is almost as if each class has its own job.

A question in relationship to Miko’s big damage. What were the level difference between you to?

Same level. I’ve actually started playing Miko a lot myself lately and I just destroy most other true dps ranged heroes in a 1v1.

That’s coz they need their own Miko. :wink: