Love this game please some one help

I play one xbox one x and I don’t know if someone has the same problem I have but I have a problem where the game works I play through and then I close the game but when I get back on the game I have a problem where the game takes too long to load. I then reload the game again it works but seems to take a bit too long to get to the main menu. Now this is where you might think it’s me problem but I have literally no problems on any other game but this one. 1st: incident once I get to the main menu I then click to get into the main menu it loads up but seems to be lower quality in graphics than it should be then it crashes. I restart my xbox and bunch of other stuff then I decided to delete it and reinstall it. 2nd: incident it works fine play like there nothing wrong but then I close the game. Play the next day and it gives the same took to long to load thing again I retry to load it. It then loads but again seems to take to long to load to the main menu with the 2k thing gear box and clap trap seems to stutter just like in the frist incident. But it dosen’t have the same problem I load into the main menu and the graphics aren’t lower than usual and it didn’t crash. So I continue my game it loads up plays for 5 seconds then crash. 3rd: incident same thing happened play have fun get off try to get on the next day give me the same xbox error borderland took to long to load I try again it then works. Again the same longer than usual load with 2k gear box and clap trap thing loads to the main menu and it didn’t crash. I press continue but this it crashes on the loading screen. Today will be my third time reinstalling the game I restarted my xbox every single incident I deleted my cache and everything I can think of. Now to be honest I don’t mind to keep on reinstalling the game but is there any way for me to not take that step I love the hell out of this game pre order the 100 version and played it when it came out on midnight and stayed up till 3-4 in the morning playing it. It really makes me feel like the game doesn’t like me because none of my friends aren’t having this problem and like I said this is the only games that has this problem so it isn’t my xbox one x. So if anyone please can help me with this problem let me know. But if not I love the game so much I’ll just keep reinstalling it as long as it works and as long as I have to