Love to see Bots Battle include all available maps

Would like to practice Face Off and any new maps that might be added.


I also hope that some day we get Bots for Face Off (and Supercharge when it is released), but please couple that with some AI overhaul.

I’ve been cheating the long waits in public queues and been mostly playing private bot matches lately (3v5 to make it a little more interesting) and the stuff I’ve seen them doing gives you nightmares.

Bots weren’t programmed for Faceoff. They simply wouldn’t know what to do.

There hasn’t been any mention, that I remember, regarding if they were planning on working on it oe not.

Marketing really hates revealing future plans, and love histerical marketplace prices.

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Face-Off is available in Private, aren’t the enemies bots?

Yes, for private 5 humans vs 5 humans