Loveable Rogue, overlooked fun weapon?

Not sure how many people tried it, this is one of the weapons that drop from the same boss encounter where you farm Flare com. The sniper from evil Mordecai is also kinda interesting but the meteors it spawns doesn’t seem to do much…

The item card stats of Loveable Rogue doesn’t look impressive at all but it’s impact and sticky mode built into one, and when the stickies explode there’s ~20% chance to spawn a homing missile. So it’s basically the AR version of Kaoson with a 20% chance to spawn a third projectile, looks pretty cool when you have 20+ of those homing projectiles raining down, sometime they can even kill something too xD

Anyways, tested an x2 CH one in MTD and FitSD carried it through quite well worked alright

Alternatively, you can run an x1 version with GM, stickies get the corrosive bonus if you don’t reload, should work ok with Flare too but havn’t tried

Edit: after many more tests, what you need for this weapon to do good dmg is the CH anointment (optimally a x2 CH with 22 mag, but x1 CH will do as well) and pearl, then you fire ~30 shots, do a reload cancel with a melee, the CH anointment and pearl will increase dmg of the stickies by x3-x4, probably due to some kind of double dipping. on target dummy with a non-CH LR, I got 50k body shot dmg and 50k sticky explosion dmg, but with a CH version when I blow up the stickies with a reload or reload cancel I was getting 100k body shots and 400k sticky explosions

I think the LR is better than the Prompt Critical.

I think with a better fire rate it could be special but it’s nowhere near the Prompt critical.


Its my Main AR for my Flare and Blastmaster Moze, haven’t tried with green monster due FR.

Never got one, but I’ve heard it’s kinda neat on Zane because he can give it a lot of bonus rate of fire with Violent Violence.

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prompt has more dmg up front but LR’s sticky explosion covers a much bigger area, plus it’s full auto so it has a huge QoL bonus there

Even with dual stack of maxed violent violence it is shooting too slow for me

Takes too long to kill because of that fire rate :turtle:…But if you enjoy it don’t let that stop you

I admit that only use it with a class mod that has a Torgue fire rate roll on it, but I think it fires fast enough.

I use the build provided in the meta thread and my x1 CH does pretty quick work of most fodder mobs. I have not tried it on guardian takedown by all the other content I’ve run it does more than fine.

BTW I’m looking for a x2 CH on Xbox if anybody wants to trade!!!

If you want to be the one killing enemies in GTD, you are going to need either one of those meta weapons like flipper, plaguebearer or other broken stuff like sandhawk anarchy lucky 7 etc, especially in True Takedown mode.

on the other hand, if you are ok with IB/AB killing everything, you can use LR with, rocketeer or raging bear com. the weapon is good enough to get second wind there, most of the time xD

Gtd is pretty easy at m10 right now when It first came out I had problems but now that I am using the meta build I can blaze through with no deaths pretty fast.

I like lovable rogue but I don’t expect it to match up to flipper and beacon. But it’s nice to switch it up from best in slot sometimes

I’m down for anything with bonus projectiles.

Sure but that’s a pistol and SMG. In the AR category though I think it gives the contained blast some competition.

I have not used contained blast yet how does it compare to this? And is boom sickle still viable in m10?

The contained blast is interesting. It fires two projectiles, one explodes and one sticks so you get initial damage then an extra burst on reload. The lovable rogue does initial shock damage and sticks so its probably comparable damage wise (2 instances of damage for both). The lovable rogue however releases homing projectiles which target nearby enemies which might put it ahead? I have no idea what the homing rockets do damage wise.

My contained blast has 7700 damage x2 while my rogue has 1,1000. I think the rogue might also be doubled since it does damage on impact and applies stickies but I’m not sure. I also have a Juliets dazzle that has 20,000 on the item card so it’s really a competition here. I suspect that the best might be a double penetrating rogue if it exists, I haven’t seen one drop yet.

Before the lvl cap increase I think Boom sickle worked just as well as the other top shotguns but I haven’t gotten a lvl 65 versions to drop for me yet.

When I tested all 3 of those (Dazzle, Rogue and C Blast), Contained always came out on top, because of that hidden damage boost when you shoot stickies on the same target (it really ramps up fast)…not to mention you can shoot it as fast as you can pull the trigger.

there are x2 variants for all 3 of these Torgue ARs

I havn’t played much with JD, but it felt like Contained Blast does more dmg, and CB does noticeably more single target dmg than LR too, CB can also have more elemental dmg options. against multiple targets tho LR isn’t that far off from CB in terms of dmg, because you can spray multiple targets with LR, take them to half health and then blow them all up with a reload.

LR is better than CB on 2 things tho, 1 is being full auto and the other is direct hits and stickies of LR does 0 self dmg

I noticed you can blow up your rogue stickies by switching guns. Does anyone know if this works with contained blast?