Loverpalooza 2016 Skins!

We’ll be dropping these SHiFT Codes into the public tomorrow to celebrate Loverpalooza 2016! As usual, we wanted to give our wonderful forum community a sneak peek!


They’re so…pink! :dukecensor:

My daughter says thankyou gbx :slight_smile:

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For all those PC players out there :slight_smile:


Looking nice! I’m looking at the Timothy one in particular :slight_smile:

Many thanks to you and the team, Jeff. It’s nice to still have some surprises now and again. :smiley:

No Heartbreaker, what? How is it not apart of this? A real shame, it would have been great for this game.

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im hoping maybe theyll add it along with some of the others into the game as drops one day

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Please…pretty please…with sugar on top!


I think this is the first time where Wilhelm has the best skin out of the bunch. The hearts on his shoulder was really a nice touch.

Also there’s a shotgun that makes hearts…do that…please :3

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Guys, you are the best. Happy Valentine’s Day! :heart_eyes:

Going to redeem these so atleast the “pink and deadly” line applies.

I normally prefer the Captain Pandora skin for Athena, but shifted her to the new skin for a bit for Valentine’s Day. I think I’ll just head Canon that Janey asked her to wear it for a bit.

Lol single guy here, completely forgot that Valentine’s Day exists. No Heartbreaker…ah well, hopefully we’ll see it one day. Thanks anyway.

All I knew is that yesterday was chocolate discount day

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I’m married and I forgot it was Valentine’s Day because we don’t celebrate just the one day. :wink:

By the way, you guys missed a great opportunity to bring the Heartbreaker into TPS, GBX. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m also married (but not to @Gulfwulf!) and every day is Valentine’s Day… (Yeah, I went there. Not sorry!)


Pretty much what we do, VH.

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No weapon just skins. (meh)

So, you want them to stop releasing anything? OK then…