Loverpalooza and Jack-O'-Cannon?

Is there any way to get Loverpalooza Skins and Gun for first 5 characters, and Jack-O’-Cannon? Because now we only can get it Loverpalooza Skin for Krieg.

Jack-O’-Cannon is only for TPS AFAIK.

Yep. TPS only. As for the skins and gun, the skins are rare drops and the gun, The Heart breaker, is a quest reward for turning in Safe and Sound to Moxxi instead of Marcus.

Are you on console or on PC? Try either of these SHiFT codes if you’re on console:


Orcz lists both of them as still active for consoles and they will give you all of the Loverpalooza skins for the first five characters and the Heart Breaker. I can’t confirm if they are indeed still active, but that’s how I got them for my characters. Here’s the Orcz list of all active SHiFT codes, including all of the special skins (St. Patrick’s, Halloween, TPS cosplay skins and the Assault on Dragon Keep exclusive heads and skins): It wouldn’t hurt to try them, just keep in mind that those codes are old, so they might not work.

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I’m playing with PC.

Well, there’s a code for PC too, but the list says it’s already expired. You could still try it and hope for the best: 5T53B-6K9KT-Z5B65-BTJJ3-655CZ. It’s funny how only the PC code is listed as expired.