Loving Reyna's Update

How does everyone feel about Reyna’s shield booster skill now? I know I’m loving it, the lock-on and activation is extremely fast now and not really having issues with it like before. With the release of Beatrix I feel like Reyna has more of a role now too since she can debuff and still heal without the worry of wound. Still crying inside for an AOE buff though :crying_cat_face:

Been trying a new loadout for Reyna as well:

Fickle Vigilant Shock Pad (Zero Cost)
-17.50% Recoil
+1.05 Second Shield Recharge Delay

Drained Mending Remedy Box
+14.00% Heal Power
+9.80% Healing Recieved
-42.00 Shield Recharge per second

Channeling Ancient Sundial
+10.50% Cooldown Time
+7.00% Heal Power

I have tried many different loadouts with Reyna but this is working very well for me at this time. The extra 21% heal power works extremely well with vital protocol and having the extra healing received keeps you alive (which your team needs you). Having the negative delay in shield doesn’t really impact Reyna much if you choose “Electrostatic Induction” that instantly charges your shield when you shield someone. Also having the zero cost - recoil gear really helps her game play when 1) transitioning from plasma burst to pistol (since the recoil the plasma burst creates gets transferred) & 2) It makes it a lot easier to keep someone slow with the “Lockdown” helix since your crosshair for your pistol hardly moves, its basically pinpoint accuracy.


Hope this helps others!

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I love the new Shield Booster. The shorter animation delay is amazing. However, what really bugged me the most was the animation delay after using it. It still takes a couple seconds before you can start charging someone’s shield after using it.

Wish that Priority Target was as responsive now. It’s still really hit-or-miss. Sometimes it will home in on someone and then just stop homing and fly right past them. It’s still destructible, which is an issue for all characters IMO (Toby, Shayne, Benedict, etc).

That loadout is interesting, and does leverage her ability to generate shields for herself when reducing the loadout cost. Personally, I don’t feel the need to run heal power on her, since she mainly functions as an aux healer. The presence of Beatrix does shake that up a bit though, but those tremors are still ongoing and can (will) change.

Right now, I’m running a free shard and wrench on her (-skill damage; her skills hardly deal damage), and a double reload after using a skill (helps keep someone locked down when I never stop shooting), but I’m mainly running this because I’m still getting a feel for what works on her. I considered cooldown, but her cooldowns are so short, the level 5 cooldown helix already there, and cooldown stacks with diminishing returns. I might consider the flawed purple healing and free recoil to see if it really does make her laser-accurate as you say.

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I added a 8.60% (?) atk speed gear and it was still pretty accurate with the recoil gear. Think if you add any more speed it will start to be less accurate.

With the less experience on buildables I felt like I was getting just as much experience now just tagging and healing. Since the gear loadout doesn’t really shine till lv 4, I use my shards to build till then. I noticed the difference between using the additional cooldown on top of the helix lv 5 15%. Thing is, I might try the gear that’s an additional 7% healing after 3 minutes- was never a fan of those types but I’ll see how it goes. At lv 4 with the gear activated you are healing 350+120 shield heal.

Later on today I wanna test the lv 9 helix in dojo

Carefull negative skill dmg reduce her healing.

I still use cd +cd when all skills are in cd, heal+ heal after survive 2 min and skill dmg with skill dmg after take shield dmg.

Best heals and i usually get a couple of priority targets kill, specially on beni, caldi, thorn, melka. If that dosent kill them a couple of plasma sure do

It actually doesn’t reduce her healing at all. Also, best healing is meaningless with Reyna, since Shield and Overshields count a healing given (not received though), and you get 2x because it applies to yourself.

Ugh… I wish i could test healing in dojo…

It must be changed, i tested it before with every healer

@beta382 last time I checked it did. Which was before the update unless they took it out with the update. Skill dmg, atk dmg and heal power effect the healing. Skill dmg however just effects it by a little… maybe like -10-ish hp at lv 4

Whats Ku base healing? I was in the dojo with a -skill on a shard generator

I swear its base is 40 and once activated it was 36. I couldnt see the green numbers above my head like before…

Not 100% sure. Not home to try it out but I heard healing power scales with the drones now though

Reyna is kinda my last hope atm - I’m thinking of swapping to her until I know what exactly is going on with Mell. I’ve been playing Mell solidly since the WU, but it’s just a recipe for disaster, because I keep getting sadder and sadder with every passing hour. It’s going to drive me to quit altogether if I’m not careful.

Thing is, I like to play her very offensively… and I prefer slow at 2, the pistol damage at 3, and the cooldown redux at 5, so I rarely use the plasma except to take down shields. I’d love to run a Symbiotic and a Bola’s on her, but double legendary seems largely unfeasible today. So basically I’m wondering what a realistic offensive loadout for her looks like.

(I’m also considering KUltra because he’s freaking cute and I love the snappy feel of his bolas, but Rey is one of my original crushes. )


A well played Reyna on the enemy team always means a tough fight. Unfortunately with Bea release people are starting to realize this :frowning:

On the other had if the enemy has a Montana take Beatrix. Every time he uses hail storm silence him out of it. Made an enemy Montana hide behind squishies and their sentry the entire match. Laughed the entire time

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If it’s one or the other, I would definitely go for the bola’s. I would go for the bola’s myself but I stopped playing with legendaries a long time ago. Right now I’m playing with free cooldown gear, sprint speed/recoil & hastening hurricane. Your helix choices are great too.