Loving the latest patch - Showing my appreciation

It seems that Gearbox has prevailed today, this new patch has the game right on track with the high expectations of the fanbase. We all dealt with broken Galilea long enough, now our patience has paid off and she’s a little more tame without her uber CC. We still have her lasers to contend with, but I’m confident that Gearbox will deliver again if it continues to cause an issue.

The increased power of thralls and their focus being on minions and sentries instead of players makes them more valuable to capture and difficult to kill, as they should be. Now capturing mid thralls is worthwhile, before you could just group by the sentry on Overgrowth and destroy them before they entered the lane.

Unique legendaries having fixed values at max stats gives me more incentive to complete lore challenges, next up it’s the Blade Dancer’s shoes!

Thank you Gearbox, you made a great game and you’ve done a wonderful job with this first major patch, keep up the good work!


Not to mention the fantastic job they did with the stairs and ledge in Overgrowth.


Spoiler alert: the Blade Dancer’s shoes is probably the worst Lore legendary in the game.

MO_Kate I think about you everytime I jump up into the sniper area from mid lane via that step. Love the new feel of overgrowth and its effect on combat

Loving the changes to incursion. Had 4 matches tonight that were a blast. The matchs seem a lot more strategic and timing based. Pushes are a bit harder now, and the “snowballing” seemed non existent. I like the ledges at the stair cases now. One more point to defend/take that can really help in a push.