Loving the new Buff

I’ll be honest I didnt know which way they were gonna go on this. I figured they would buff his health or his shields but I didn’t expect his DR. That 20 percent is nice until level 5, where he pretty much goes back to normal. His early game defintely needed a buff and I’m glad that’s what they did. It has already saved my life a few times where pre update I would have died. Thank you Gearbox!

His passive is also broken and giving 45% attack damage instead of 20% so have fun before they fix it.


Didn’t know this. I was attributing the increase in damage to the blanket buff. Nice to know where it’s coming from now

From lvl 1?
Not even at 5?

He gets up to 45% attack damage from his stacks not his level.


Shhhh you guys keep quiet, I’m really enjoying the new Dragooooooon.

I was asking if the oversight came from his native passive or from the lvl 5 helix

How are you gearing him? I created a load out with as much damage reduction as possible, plus a bit of healing received and regeneration. Does that sound like a good idea, or would health and shields be better? I played only one match with him, and I got my luchadore ass handed to me, but I was being constantly harassed right from the start by the most annoying Ghalt and Shane combo.

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Have you tried building him for max health? When combined with DR it is a noticeable difference in tankiness

I f*cking KNEW i wasn’t crazy! I’ve seen some RIDICULOUS DPS the last two days…


A few pieces that really help him survive are the blue llc regen, the blue llc vest, the purple Eldrid DR, the Blissbeast Skullplate, and you can run some damage gear like the purple Eldrid skill damage or the purple Eldrid attack damage because it comes with some extra health.

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Is his natural damage reduction enough, then? It is better to use the gear slots to get health? That is actually easier for me, because I don’t have much good damage reduction gear.

I have both of the purple Eldrid skill and attack damage pieces at maximum roll, but none of the other items. I have a maximum blue vest that gives more health after 180 seconds. Would these three items and his natural damage reduction be best?

I like running DR on him because like you said he has a high amount to begin with. 20% from stacks plus another 15% at lvl 5. You can REALLY feel it when you get 30% more from Alani or Beatrix.

I wouldn’t take DR over Max Health though, if I had to choose

Go for a white vest if you have it. It will be better than that blue you have and also cause the purple items togther are expensive

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That’s what I was trying for, so I used gear with about 17% more damage reduction. It didn’t seem to work well, though, because freakin’ Ghalt and Shane would keep pulling me as soon as I splashed the bots, so I couldn’t kill any bots to get the stacks going.

Cool! I’ll try that tonight! El Dragooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnn!


If the other BB are bullying you just because you’re El Dragon then maybe just lay low until lvl 4 and build stuff. Both of those BB can be troublesome because they can pull you into the chaos where ED can die in a second.

Keep porting back and grabbing shards until you’re leveled or you have your gear, then buy a Fat Bot and run around it and clothesline the ■■■■ out of their freakin faces. Ghalt and Shayne should know not to mess with the champ.

Which of these helix choices is the best:

Hang Time or Unstoppable
From The Top Rope or Big Splash
Unbelievable or Attitude Adjustment

It’s just his passive.