Loving this class and suprised

I’ve tried all of the starter classes and left this for last because I had an idea it would be more work.
I’m Native American and very good with a Longbow, traditional bows of all sorts really.
This class is great if you aim or shoot from the hip and man can you shoot from the hip fast.
Starting from the beginning I found this class the easiest so far, solo Story mode, to stay alive.
It’s a blast using dead-on accuracy to take out the enemies who are perched up high or far away.
For now I’m planning on sticking with it and getting gooder. :slight_smile:

Nice I myself enjoy thorn.

Fun tip: her helix upgrade that makes her move back when using melee can be used in any direction. Combine that with the high jump later on and you have an easy escape plan.
My gear during the beta was a Sprint upgrade, her unique legendary and a skill damage increase.

Great tip and I did get the UG but had not noticed that, but she is funny during it.