Low audio volume

So I have my volume set to where it works for 99% of things I do on my PC, be it listen to youtube, music, or game. But every once in a while there’s a game that just has low audio for some reason. Skyrim and Mad Max both did this and now this game does it.

Does anyone else have a similar issue and maybe a fix?

I use Sennheiser HD600s with a Xonar Essence STX set to high gain and hi-fi mode. I have the game set to headphone headphones but that doesn’t help any. It’s really bugging me and I’d prefer not to have to raise and lower audio just because of one game.

I have a similar issue that most sounds besides the voice acting (most sounds seem like they come from a tin can.) Apparently, there is another option in the Speaker Settings called Headset that should fix it but I don’t have that option in my game.

Have a Sennheiser PC 363D myself.

Putting my sound card on 7.1 virtual speaker seems to improve the audio volume without needing to increase it…but this isn’t an ideal solution.