Low base damage bug

I’m wondering if anyone else has had an issue with guns dropping with drastically different base damage values. For example I can find 2 of the same weapon both level 57 but one of them will have like 3000 less base damage than the other. I’m not sure if this is a bug or what but it kind of seems like it is because earlier I found a Krakatoa that had only 13k damage instead of 32k. It seems like it might be affecting other items like shields and grenades as well but I’m not sure.

Same Mayhem level?

Did you farm on same levels?

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posted this last week :wink:

2 guns, both dropped from the same fight…

like you said, one had HALF the damage… (one was anointed but that doesn’t matter)

not only did they botch the drop rates, they also managed to screw up the damage modifiers for higher mayhem (going of the high damage some weapons have, like the cartel weapons and the recently added/buffed weapons)

just play something else (for the time being) this game is not worth it…

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What modifiers are you on? Loot from the lootsplosion modifier currently doesn’t scale with the mayhem level, same goes for loot from chests and certain bosses (Agonizer and Eista)

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I’m on mayhem 10 with speed demon modifier. I commented this issue on a YouTube video and someone replied saying the same thing that the scaling is messed up with chests and certain bosses including Wotan’s legs. I just started playing again a few days ago so I wasn’t aware of this issue. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.