Low completion rate on Moxxi's

Got back from Mexico Saturday night, so finished Moxxi’s Sunday (also competed my BL1 1Life SMG-only run, but that’s a different post :slight_smile: ).
Killed Jackpot with the Lucky 7, that’s a fun gun as we know. I also have some interesting video 'bout it if the OneDrive Upload would ever start!!!.

But what was really interesting to me was the low completion rate on A Proper Hand-off, the achievement you get for completing the DLC.
It’s currently sitting at 3.43% (Xbox).
Whoa that’s low. I know that a lot of the player base may have chosen not to buy the DLC, but even so, that’s surprisingly low. Main game completion is sitting at 32.7%, so I’d expect more of those folks to have done it, say at least 10% by now.
Just interesting.

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It’s 4% on ps4, I would likely put it down to the timing of the dlc coming out before xmas, the majority of people I have spoken to in here all have kids, I’d imagine the number will increase significaly after the new year when everyone is back in the routine, it is a good dlc I know I enjoyed it


Actually such low percentages are totally normal, even for games with many DLC’s that are considered good and not pure cash grabs. Take Fallout 3/NV for example the DLC’s also all range in the 5-11% range.

Also it is exactly the same for the original releases of BL1,2,TPS even after 7 years!

Now take a look at The Handsome Collection which comes with all the DLC for free. TIny Tinas Assault on Dragon Keep is without a doubt the most famous add-on content for Borderlands 2 and yet even without having to pay for it, only 11% have completed it. If I remember correctly the % for the 360 are even lower.

The same way thousands of players are OP8, yet the people who even reached LV. 50 is also just barely 1/10.

It might also play a role that the DLC’s costs 14,99 each now, not every one buys the season pass.
I could also imagine that people who aren’t happy with BL3 writing would give it the pass this time.

Interesting statistic. I’ll have to take a look and see which ones are the most/least popular. I never did finish “Dead Money” (or whatever it was).

@VaultHunter101 Well, Fallout 3 has probably the single highest percentage of a completed DLC I ever seen (Can’t speak for Oblivion/Skyrim) with Point Lookout reaching almost 20% ! The others range between 9-15% (FO3)

What I meant to say is that Borderlands is one of the games where many people buy the DLC and the numbers are still pretty low BUT it is very rare for DLC’s (all games) to even exceed the 1% mark. When BL1 launched DLC were still a new thing and BL2 was one of the first games that even had a season pass.

Like I said TTAoDK is not even at 9% on the 360 compare that to the “hated” Big Game Hunt which still has almost 7%, still for a game that has millions of fans and everyone knows that the DLC’s are way more than worth it, it’s still a good chunk under 10%.

I just looked at my Xbox stats and only 66% of the players reached level 5 (Not Quite Dead). Heck, only 74% picked up the repeater in Claptrap’s place (First one’s free) that you’re guaranteed to get in the first 5 minutes of play. Guess the other 25% bought the Handsome Collection just to play TPS :slight_smile: .
Though I do understand it. I’ve stopped playing games very soon if they don’t work for me. Dark Souls, for example, which I really wanted to enjoy, but the control settings made it unplayable for me very quickly.

I just completed it yesterday…because it was the first day I had time to even play the DLC. Was fun, enjoyed the new weapons and definitely loving Zane’s newest class mod. Really makes CCC irrelevant, which is great cause I didn’t like the barrier skill tree.

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Something that also contributes to it, even though only to a very small extent are all the people who download every single game that is free during the GwG and PS+ deals. I have so many friends that probably sit on more than 50 games that they only played for 10min and then never again. Sadly most people don’t even look games up anymore before they download/buy them.

Sorry for the following off-topic:

This sadly leads to quite the problem for niche games. I have seen so many games that have barely 3 stars (divided into bad scores from casual gamers and good scores from fans) that get totally obliterated during this sales, suddenly clinging to 1 star because now everybody tried it and hated it.

You can also watch this every time a old classic from the very first xbox gets released, they sit at 4-5 stars and suddenly get spammed by this “kiddies” all just writing “what is this ■■■■” “bad graphics” “blablabla not CoD”

Edit: Oh and @VaultHunter101 the NV DLC’s all range around 10% I was getting the 5% because Honest Hearts and Dead Money actually have 2 different ways to end the DLC.

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I’ve often downloaded something from GwG without knowing anything about it, doesn’t cost anything and did find a few (like Super Hot) that I really like and probably wouldn’t have DL’ed had I read about it.

Buying, yes, too many great resources to understand a game before you buy. But even then, as with me and Dark Souls, it’s not always enough. The game concept and style are great, I just can’t make the controls work for me, which would not come from a review.

And I do agree with rating. You have to put quite a few hours in to accurately rate a game, in my opinion.

Which is totally fine but there are people that download every single game every month even when it is quite clear from the cover that it is a kids game or a compilation of mini games etc. and not something for their taste, play it for 10min and then immidiately go give it a bad rating.

Like I don’t like CoD but if it was free I might try it out to see what it has to offer, but I would never afterwards give it a bad rating like “can’t loot weapons” “basic military shooter” because I was already aware that it probably isn’t my cup of tea.

Or if I’m not a fan of RPG’s then maybe I don’t have to download every single one only because it’s free.

Sorry, if this offends someone. I’m not trying to be rude.


Personally i download whatever looks interesting from ps+; but i have never felt a need to rate them - only for a change of pace when i get bored or have friends over theres more choice; theres over 60 games in that library where about 10 or less that i continue playing

We’ve gone up! When I finished the dlc it was at a solid 0.5%

Just took a quick look on XB1 at some of the main BL3 story completion rates.

  • 1st story mission: 85.05%
  • Got Sanctuary III airborne: 68.94%
  • Finished “Atlas At Last”: 50.01%
  • Killed the harpy: 43.82%
  • Finished “Blood Drive”: 36.61%
  • Finished the main story: 32.68%

That’s quite the drop off. I wonder how many of those are people who just start recently and so wouldn’t be expected to have completed yet, and how many are players who started then went on to something else instead.


@VaultHunter101 That’s actually also quite common for every game, I think there was even an article 1-2 years ago from Arkane Games? talking about exactly this issue.

It’s even worse with big RPG’s like Dragon Age which can easily exceed 100h, for just the first playthrough of the campaign. There the “completed game” is often just 10-20%.

To my knowledge the worst are, more or less surprisingly the most famous games like CoD or GTA5, the former because the minority even plays the campaign and the later because everyone just gets “lost” in the sandbox gameplay.

This reminds me of fallout 4.
The first achievement for creating your character and leaving the vault rests at a comfortable 71.65%
That’s almost 3 out of every 10 players immediately dropping the game.

Most of my friends didn’t even realise that the DLC had been released on PS4 and were quite shocked when I told them. Most games Automatically download season pass DLC when a season pass DLC gets released.

Had a laugh at this one – thought I was among the few who ‘got lost’ in GTA5 early on & gave up!

Yeah, these completion stats are borked since so many just give games a try & never complete. I think I’m rare since I’ll research games a bit beforehand & only purchase games I intend to at least give a serious try. 33 Platinum trophies so far!
Gaming companies probably don’t care too much – initial purchase is what brings in the money (though lots of players = more hype for the game = more purchasers).

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I’m also probably quite the oddity when it comes to this because I do extensiv research for every game I intend to buy. I look up if the games have a rich lore, like Borderlands which you can get lost in or have something unique going for them and watch several videos to try to get a feel for the gameplay so I can better judge if I would enjoy playing it myself.

While there surely are games I don’t like that much, I can proudly say that from my hundreds of games (ranging from N64 to GBA to Xbox One etc.) there is only one game I ever truly regretted buying and that is the criminally bad TMNT: Mutants in Manhatten from Platinum Games… okay and maybe I am Bread, but that games is 1000% hilarious watching it, playing it not so much :sweat_smile: