LOW FPS and Frame Drops

Running above the recommended settings for 1440p gaming and running at incredibly low frames and poor performance.

Specs are:
Intel i7-4960x
Nvidia GTX 1070
32gb 2400mhz ram
Running on an SSD with latest Nvidia drivers

Setting on low, struggling to hit 24 FPS. Frames drop to 10-20 during scenes with a lot of action. This has ruined my experience and needs to be patched. If anyone can provide a fix it would be appreciated.

Can you provide some more info? The following would be apprechiated:

  • Your Windows version. You can find that out by pressing Win-R to open a Run dialog, then entering “Winver”
  • Have you updated to the most recent drivers? If so, any particular settings such as V-Sync you use?
  • Is the game running Borderless or Fullscreen?

Running Windows 10.

Updated to the latest drivers and running G-Sync (on a g-sync enabled monitor)

Full screen

Windows 10 can mean any Win10-version. I asked for the Winver stuff because it informs me about the exact build you run.

Try disabling G-Sync, as that might cause issues especially if you got a second screen in your setup. At least for this game.

Win 10 Version 1803 (OS Build 17134.1006).

Running a single monitor. Don’t think "disabling g-sync’ is a good fix to be honest

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