Low fps?! Run out of ideas!

I have wonderful memories from the Battleborn Open Beta. Everything worked fine, had lots of fun. But now… I’m struggling to get it working. It’s abnormal that I have like… maybe ONE FPS?! Jesus seriously, It’s a pain just to arrive to the main menu.

Updated nvidia drivers to the last one (GTX960) and the microsoft .NET stuff already had updated to the last one. Tried to run it as admin, nothing changed. Checked program file with steam, nothing changed.

My config is 8GB RAM, Pentium 3258, GTX960.

Help, please!

EDIT: The game seems to be on fullscreen borderless mode, I can access to Windows w/no problem, everything is stable exept the game!

Have you done a clean GPU driver install? (Completely remove the old driver, then install the new one, not the automated process)
I assume “Checked program file with steam” means you have verified the game cache? Have you tried re-installing the game completely?

What are your settings? Resolution you play at? Have you tried fiddling with your .ini settings?
(Something like this for example)

And all your other games work fine? Have you checked that Battleborn is actually using your GPU and not onboard graphics?

I feel this could have a very simple fix but I might be too tired to figure out what rn, haha.

Thanks for the answer :smiley:

I’ve done the automated process but now I’m going to reinstall drivers removing the old ones. Nope I’ve not tried to reinstall the game completely because it takes time… I guess I’ll have to try.
I’ve never tweaked with .ini files because all my games works fine, I play at 1080p.

EDIT: There is a small usage of the cpu from the game, 10-30% how I can see if the game is using my cpu instead of gpu?
I’ve installed the gpu driver with clean install, but it’s the same as before. I’m downloading the game again now!

Ok doesn’t work even after re downloading the game.

As a temp fix, knock your shadow/dynamic settings down as low as they’ll go. I had FPS issues on the new Meltdown map until I cranked them right down, now it runs smooth as butter.

Hey OP,

I’m not sure if there’s much you can do beyond getting a new processor. I took a look at some reviews for your Pentium 3258. While it was sold and marketed as “great for budget gaming build”… well, that just wasn’t really true. Sure, you can play Stardew Valley or something like that no problem.

But BB is actually a demanding game. Both on CPU and GPU. I, for example, have an i5 4670k at 4.2ghz on liquid, and a GTX980. I can usually maintain around 120 fps, but that’s with many settings lowered. There are still a few parts of PvE and sometimes even PvP where I’ll get big FPS dips to the 60’s, but those are fairly rare.

I’m not writing this to critcise you or your build, it’s just that it doesn’t look like anyone has told you the truth yet: there is nothing you can do to make that chip run this game well. Your best bet is to turn down CPU intensive settings, while leaving the GPU heavier settings at medium or high. Lowering some settings actually puts MORE stress on your CPU, because when it’s set higher, then your capable GTX960 will be doing the work instead of your overmatched CPU.

After some tweak I found out that the TETHERING USB connection through my phone was causing this annoying issue. I solved connecting an ethernet cable, and now runs smooth all maxed out on 1080p60. Dunno why, other games online worked fine even with tethering usb… who knows.

By the way, I feel sorry to tell you’re wrong. Despite all is, Pentium G3258 is actually a good cpu for budget gaming, even with a gtx750 you can run at 1080p with low-medium settings getting 30-45 fps, depends on how a game is old or optimized. But, ehy, we’re talking about budget gaming, you have to arrange something.

You can close this thread. :wave:

Sorry? It’s good I’m wrong! One more fellow BB on the field of… well, battle. See you out there.

Wow, that’s strange. I had no trouble with BB when I did that! But alas, it was indeed a very simple fix. Knew it :smile:
Glad you got your game working, we’ll see each other in the Solus system! :wink: