Low frame rate in base ps4

Hello guys ,

I buy this game before a Month for 50 dollars and i was happy to playing it because i play bol2 and pre sequal and it was amazing experience with them , when i back to home and insert disc i was really shocked !! this is really like trash in my base ps4 the frame rate it was like 15-25 fps in normal and in flight was 11-20 fps it’s very bad unplayable game actually , i hope make it 60 frame for all console or you should tell us before buy it and make warning in disc (its for Ps4 pro only) , indeed I hope make option in base ps4 to low graphic and run it 60 frame we don’t care about graphic its borderlands guys !! this game give me a headache pain waste of money should fix it

There is literally next to no games that run at 60 on base PS4.

Buy a PS4 Pro. Problem solved.

Ok you right just i want it like borderlands pre sequal it was smooth no drops no headache pain

Older game, and a lot less graphically intense. Being on a base PS4 you have to except frame drops, every new title drops frames in some way on the base models. November patch however is coming with lots of performance fixes so your situation might improve, but don’t hope for anything over 30

or just sell this game for 10 dollars

i hope same as bol2 thanks u give me a hope