Low gravity should be a mayhem modifier

Like the title says it honestly should along with something that slows slide speed make it called sloth slide so slide annointments are useful as well. These could easily be a easy or medium modifier. The low gravity one is super needed so these airborne annointments are just amazing in the new raid and can see some use in the future like the new dlcs
Just a tip/advice idk how anyone else feels about it but I dont really see the negatives in this


Sounds like a really good idea, I’m up for it too.

Really dont see any downside to it either except for the haul possible bugs cuz gearbox coding but other than that nothin

Sounds fun but they’d need to redesign a whole bunch of areas. Otherwise players would be able to jump off the map, reach places they’re not supposed to, take shortcuts around enemy areas…

So I don’t think it’ll happen, as fun as it would be :frowning:

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I hadn’t thought of that, and it does throw a dampener on a good idea.

People do that anyway with Ruby’s Wrath. And the new Webslinger literally lets you climb walls. Garwood is a bit famous for finding skips.

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Yea with the addition of the webslinger it’s like ok they like us going where we arent supposed to lol