Low Level Fatal Error

Hi there, my copy of the test keeps saying there is a low level fatal error. Something to do with the main engine soutce having a runtime error. I really would like to try out the game if someone can help me out thanks in advance

Have you tried the reinstall/check integrity functions on Steam? First step is to ensure the files are intact and correct. Right click the game in the list and find Properties, Local Files tab, and then the Verify Integrity button.

Just tried it and fixed my problem immediately. Thank you so much

I tired this and am still getting same error. Says files are valid though. Am I forgetting to do something else ?

Why delete lol? I just want to play haha

No, that was just a mispost in the wrong spot, I was trying to link to here in another thread but confused my tabs.

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling, perhaps to a different location/hard drive? There should also be a button on the same tab as the Verify Integrity function for that, though you may need to tell Steam you have multiple library folders first. (Steam’s Settings option, Downloads tab, Content Libraries button to alter that)

Maybe check your hard drive integrity as well? It’s unlikely but potentially possible, though I think it’d give different errors than what you’re seeing.

I’ll check that out. I have reinstalled and checked the files. I’ll where it is downloading to. Is there a specific place it should go?

Not particularly, but ideally you’d want to rule out hard drive corruption, so put it on a drive that isn’t the same as the install drive that is giving you the error. Maybe try a temporary ramdisk if you don’t have an alternative.

Do you have any other computers around that you can test the game on?

I don’t but I’ll try some stuff today and see where it gets me

I’m getting the exact same issue. Re-installing doesn’t do anything and validating the files doesn’t either. Any other suggestions? Thanks

its not an installation error. Its a Directx error. The game is providing invalid parameter data. It has to be debugged.
For now, try updating the runtime. Win 8 should work for win 10