Low level infinity pistols for trade

I have 3 Lv 3 infinity pistols. Looking for fire lyuda, fire crossroads or queens call or legendary flak class mods that boost either weapon damage weapon critical damage or both. Annointed weapons I’m looking for are Shredifier, Companion, or Lucians call with either general or fl4k annointment.

I got a fire lyuda, fire crossroads (a) 125% badass / boss, and a queens call (cryo)

still got some infinities left??

I have a level 50 Infinity that I will trade for a Recurring Hex Grenade

I need a low level one… sorry :confused:

Why would anyone want a low level one sorry?

check out glitching queen on yt

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I still have one left.
I also have a level 3 magnificent which I believe is better but you run out of ammo if you aren’t using moze

Sounds good. What do you want for trade? =)

The stuff I listed is what I want for trade

I already got my fire lyuda and queen