Low level Legendaries? and pearls

So, I’m having trouble farming low level gear. It’s a fetish of mine. I have most BL2 gear between levels 7-10, but it’s harder, or impossible in BL.
I have the Robolution reward chest room open on on character about level 15. It’s rare to even get a purple from the chests, let alone a legendary weapon. I have maybe 5 under level 20, none under level 17.
Repeated Farmoury runs on first play through have netted many legendaries 25-35, but nary a sight of a Pearl.
Is there an algorithm that prevents lower level rare items? In BL2 there were no open source legendaries under level 7, only a handful of designated drops. What’s the case here?
Am I wasting my time looking for that level 30 Pearl or that level 10 Hellfire?

I’ve actually had a low level Serpens on a first playthrough armory run… It was a HVY body but still it was a pearl. I know if you have an unpatched version that new haven is a great chest farm location because it will have the higher quality red chests. As far as early farming I use to farm luckies last chance for machines and the chests inside plus the red chest on top of the building near the raceway. And there’s one on the opposite side of the map on the hill in a little nook with a bunch of enemies. Hope this helped… And I don’t recall my lowest legendary cause I’ve been max farming so long. I’m pretty sure my buddy had like a level 10 or so volcano the first time we played the game but that’s been ages ago.

Legendaries can spawn in chests as early as you enter the Dahl Headlands. I did get a few of them there but I forgot their level.

Pretty sure it’s around 13 to 16 iirc…

Very low level legendaries are impossible in Bl1. I don’t know the absolute minimum but I think it’s around 18-20.

Not only that, but legendaries get more and more common with higher levels, so even though it’s possible at low(ish) levels finding some of the rare ones (Ogre, Reaper, Butcher) will be practically impossible low level, considering they are super rare at 69 with much better sources of loot as well.

Pearls only come from Lance chests, so the lowest possible is going to be 30-something (pt1 Knoxx, first highway Lance chest) but you will die of old age l/insanity before getting anywhere with that.

So here’s what I got:

A Level 22 Thanatos from a Red Chest:


and a Level 16 Raven from a Vendor but not as the Deal of the Day:


White Chests and Red Chests go as low as 13 and 16 respectively so that should also be the lowest level possible, for that area at least. It is however much less common to find Legendaries in White chests so I really don’t know about that. My Thanatos just so happened to be on the highest level for the area aside from Vendors.

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I txt my old co op buddy and he said from his recollection that volcano was a level 14 or 15 from years ago… Any way if someone wanted perfect or close to perfect parts on a low level legendary good luck to them is all I can say. Once you get up in the 20 to 30 range it gets a little easier but it’s still a chore. And good work on the low level farm I went in and tried and all I had was a level 19 vengeance…

It certainly sounds like that should be possible but it’s way too much work me thinks (on the other hand getting one would be awesome). Probably still more likely than getting a Legendary from a red chest in Normal in BL2/TPS!
And thanks, got really lucky there. Saw a few other Legendaries from the Vendor but that was the lowest (and the highest 25).

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I had a perfect level 19 six shot swift anaconda once on a first playthrough that carried me forever and a day but it’s more rare than a perfect pearl from my experience to get that perfect low level legendary.

Funny thing, for a while, I thought the Thantos was the ONLY Legendary. The vendor in Lucky’s Last Chance gave me one (lv22), and once I powered Fast Travel, I farmed the machine and came up with 4 more before I stopped looking for something different.
I also searched my toons and came up with 3 different level 16 Ravens (one elemental), and I found a level 15 Crux (which was a shame as I hate shotty’s except the Butcher (BL1&2) and the Flakker (BL2)

The Thanatos is a cursed pistol D: Once I found two Thanatos(es?) in the same Vendor only to get another one as a World Drop not even 5 minutes later from a Crimson Lance.
15 would be the lowest level we have on this topic thus far, nice.

I never noticed when I originally played BL, but it’s also apparent that you can’t get some weapons at certain level.
I first noticed with Transfusion Grenade Mods. I can farm a level 31, but 30 and 32 don’t exist. Then I noticed guns like the Thantos always being 22, and the Raven at 16. I have a bunch of lvl 25 Pestilent Defilers that came from many different sources.