Low level VIP Legendary Maliwan gun for High level Characters...?

I just received my VIP Legendary Maliwan gun, and I am level 50. The gun is level 12 . :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Is this normal…? I feel like I wasted my time by receiving a level 12 gun for a level 50 character. Is there anyway to get the VIP rewarded guns as the same level as the character you collect it for?

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Nope, Maliwan legendary Vault Hero is alwyas level 12.

That’s perfectly normal, the gun is always level 12. But hey, look at it from this perspective: At least you still have it, you can put it into the bank on Sanctuary and use it the next time you start a fresh playthrough.
I lost mine early on because of the bank deletion bug (that has since been fixed).

The BL3 VIP rewards were intended for new characters and beginning the game. Hence why they were all obtainable before the game even launched.

Well shoot! Thanks guys! I threw it in my bank for my next character :slight_smile: .

Oh, crud, I didn’t even notice the level of the gun when I got it. I got my FL4K to level 50 a month or so ago and have been playing Amara since then. It’s weird too as I’m getting level 50 legendary weapons from bosses while playing as a level 13 Amara. I’m not complaining, it’s just weird to me.

I wouldn’t complain either I am still playing my FL4K. :stuck_out_tongue: Been thinking if trying Amara. I just thought even the VIP weapons would redeem at the level you are at. Oh well, now I know.

yeah, that gun maxes at lvl 12. no higher than that. vault hero isn a gun that well after a certain point isn’t good for anything other than to say you have it.

Yeah, I’m realizing that one. I thought I was missing out on something by not redeeming my VIP points, but… I wasn’t. :smile:

Yeah since the Vip system was set up to get us hyped and give us a slight advantage at launch all the BL 3 gear is always level 10, except the Vault hero. That one will be whatever low level you claim it at hardcapping at 12.

Believe me as I always waited in previous games to claim all my shift/preorder/special addition gear until I had a max cap character (and the vault hero doesn’t mention a level cap in description) I was also surprised.

Atleast all other bl3 gear on the vip site says it is level 10 only, last I checked.