Low TTK (Time to Kill) game mode ideas?

Warning : Overwatch will be mentioned once or twice.

First off , I am loving this game. I always had my eyes on MOBAs but could never look past the isometric view , then SMITE came along and my addiction began. The one thing that was missing for me is a first person MOBA done right and that’s where Battleborn comes in . Imho , it is a MOBA first , FPS second and this is where the confusion comes in.
From gamers (who haven’t played the game) to even gaming site reviews , everyone is comparing Battleborn to Overwatch. No matter how many in the Battleborn community tries to wave the caution flag , some still buy/go into this game with Overwatch game play expectations. This in turn causes bad mm with randoms and Mikos running in the front lines while having a Montana with a high death count.

I truly think that this game could benefit from a more arcade style pvp game mode where the ttk is much lower and the ultimates give put high damage. Cut the respawn time down to 3 seconds and just let everyone loose.

Again . Imho , Battleborn is being unfairly judged by ppl who prefer Overwatch. But if Battleborn actually had TF2 style game play as well, I think it would out do Overwatch at its own game…While also having a great foothold one the fps/moba genre.

Maybe as an april fools “Ultra-Rapid-Fire” (rename this) mode.

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Actually, I do hope that there will be special event modes. Like full helix unlock at the start or everyone is automatically rank 5.

I’d have to say no thank you to this idea.

Overwatch is a twitch shooter with low TTK. Battleborn isn’t. I specifically bought Battleborn because I don’t like twitch shooters and it suits me better. I know that other people will have bought Battleborn for similar reasons.

Battleborn shouldn’t add low TTK game modes to compete with Overwatch, those who like that style of play will carry on that playing that game anyway. Battleborn should focus on improving the game that already exists.


I agree for the most part. I bought Battleborn for the moba like game play and higher ttk that promotes teamwork etc. All I’m saying is a separate game mode for a different style of play. My sole issue is map count currently and how you have to start mm all over again to continue playing (I understand the reason behind this though) . I like being in this games world and love all the unique characters , it would be cool to be able to stay in a lobby with full map rotation and faster game play from time to time.

I agree, more maps would be nice (and there are more coming, promised by the developers). An option to stay on and play the same team again would be good (which could be done a bit like Rainbow Six Siege where teams can vote for a rematch or not). But I’d still have to say no to low TTK being implemented.

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I hadn’t watched anything OW related before I tried the beta, so the TTK in that game surprised the heck out of me after playing BB. My first few seconds of OW combat I got a triple kill and then died and I was left pretty slack jawed trying to catch up to wtf just happened. And that’s OW in a nutshell, cheap thrills’n’kills.

BB, on the other hand, requires planning and strategy with everything from individual character selection, team composition, gear, communication, multiple objectives, etc. The TTK in BB is a big part of the strategy and tactics involved. You actually feel like you’ve earned the kills you get in BB.

I wholeheartedly agree with you that these differences should stay as they are. There’s nothing inherently wrong with either style of game either; sometimes you want a quick casual shoot fest, sometimes you want to invest time and effort into your game. I feel BB is already stretching itself thin by trying to use as many influences from the MOBA and FPS genres that doing anything more than getting this game on it’s feet as it is would be disastrous.

TL;DR: I agree with you lol :grin:


This is why i dislike Overwatch.

I waited for years for Overwatch i am to old to worry about running back to the spot i just got killed i am Over it. That is why i like BB. If i could play it.

A team death match could be cool but I’m afraid it would take away from the more objective based gameplay :frowning:

Overwatches low ttk is part of the reason I hate it.

I can’t see a problem with adding a game mode that only last 10/15 minutes at most, as sometimes I just want a quick game before I got to go do something. It’s not like there going to take away the other game modes!. To play the game as is you have to make sure you have 30 minutes.
I liked Overwatch alot but to be honest it’s abit basic compared to Battleborn and I can’t see it having along play life like battleborn but I did like the game modes.
Maybe have an bot bomb of some kind in the middle of the map and each team trying to push it the the other teams base or something along them lines.
Hated the doom beta but did like there king of the hill idea, with it moving on a track all the time. Maybe something like that but hacking a bot.
I’d be happy with incursion maps as is but with only the 1St sentrie, cos 9 times out of 10 the games pretty much know who’s won once that once the 1St one is taken out.
( please don’t pull me up on spelling and crap like that, I’m dyslexic and can’t be arsed with t##ts)

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Have to agree with this. Battleborn wouldn’t be Battleborn if they added a mode like that. It would be something else.

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??? What??? It would be then same game but with more options, there for pleasing more people and upping battleborns popularly. When you only have a little bit of time to play, battleborn is not a go to game. It needs some quicker for when you don’t have time for a full a game.


Ok not wanting to sound like an arse but … why ? That would go against what Battleborn is at the core.

Like a couple people said above. Not saying change the entire game or make it “casual”, some people just like variety. They plan on releasing new modes and if it’s variations of what we have already , it will be essentially the same modes .

Some say it will split the community but I think it would actually attract more ppl to the game. Like Gears of War , the learning curve is very steep in Battleborn and some may not have the patience to invest in trying to learn a new system.

I like Battleborn as is and will continue playing over other shooters but adding a game mode that’s a Lil different would keep some staying in the game world after just a few 30 minute incursion matches/campaign .

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Soz dude, I also don’t want to sound like a ass but what would you say battleborn is at its core? From what I’ve seen gearbox advertising battleborn as is a fps with MOBA elements not a MOBA played as an fps

I don’t see GBX fundamentally changing the game just for a new mode. Has any other game ever changed TTK just for one PvP mode?

Honestly I hope they don’t. I think it will just confuse people.

If you were to put a fps player with no moba experience and a moba player with no fps experience up against each other, I bet the fps player would win 9 times out of 10.

Auto attacks ( and therefore the ability to land headshots or respective meele hits) is still the main damage source for most characters … having a very vague role system with healers and more tanky characters or high TTK doesn´t change that.

( edit: sure K/D alone does not win you games and that has been discussed several times already, but once everybody has got the general idea of the game, then those with better fps skills should outplay the others )

As for a low TTK mode? … I personally don´t like the idea. It would throw balance out of the window and make certain characters like Marquis or Mike even more powerful, while possibly stripping many meeles or more tanky characters from their usefulness.
Aside from that we already have horrendous queues for a game that new, so more different modes might not be a good idea.

Doesn’t matter what you call it, what makes it different from other hero shooters is it’s high TTK. Change that and turn it into a low TTK game and it’s OW with some maps with lanes.
Not only that but hero numbers and skills are geared to a high TTK games, turn it into a low TTK and it’s a skill spam fest.

Even as it is now some ultimates ( and some even some basic skills ) can get a hero 100-0 in one swoop, how do you think those skills will fare in a low TTK mode ? Things like OM ult would completely obliterate multiple heroes unless they were scattered all over the place and in the other hand heroes like Gali or Rath would just be in perma primary attack and roam aimlessly because they would kill everyone without even use skills.

The only way would be to completely rework all heroes skills and numbers just for one game mode, don’t get me wrong i’m not saying the idea is garbage or anything like that but Battleborn IS made for a high TTK, trying to make it a fast paced, high kill count game is completely out of character for this game.

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