Lower area in impound deluxe?

am i missing something as there appears to be no way to get down there?

the walkway that shows on the map as the way to access the area has a large door that doesnt appear to be interactable at all.

have everything else in the dlc completed.

thanks in advance

There is side mission for that area.

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Pick up the quezt at the bulliten board and the area will unlock. A bridge to the lower area will allow you access. Its a short and funny quest.

looks like it bugged out. no missions left to pick up, no missions left open to do in my log.


@kitehighland - I had the same issue but it easily fixed. Go to the first spawn point in Impound deluxe and make your way up to the first floor area close to the spawn point and it will show up on the wall on the far left.

cheers, ill give that a bash.

same issue has occured to my amara when playing through with my lad :face_with_raised_eyebrow: