Lower level legendary class mod

I got my wife into playing (awesome, I know) but the only way she’d play with me was if we started new characters together. We’re lvl 61 right now, and I’d really like a legendary siren class mod or legendary mod for my wife’s Gaige. I have both at level 80, but nothing lower, and for my life I cannot get tubbies to spawn. Anybody got an out-leveled mod to spare?

send me a message on Xbox live (GT LunaticOne) , I believe I have 1 maybe 2 laying around
Always on between 9pm and midnight EST (-5 GMT)

Anychance you could spare a few of those class mods? Level 61 and 63 assassin, psycho and siren. Need help.

as I told OP, message me, my infos above , just have to see what I have close to those levels