Lower the cost of reroll to 50 eridium asap

250 eridium is ridiculous since you can’t pick your roll and even as a long time player, I’m running through over 10’000 eridium instantly and have to decide between the new Raid Boss and rerolling while crossing my fingers and I hate it(side note do diamond keys even exist? I’ve been grinding daily and not one has been earned)


50 is way too low. It would completely trivialise the cost of getting any Anointment you want on any weapon.

250 I think is on the high end, it could / should be brought down, but not to 50.

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Diamond Keys do exist, they are just super rare. Out of 25 chests I got only one.

200 maybe. But the cartels event isn’t far away.

Lazydata´s idea of giving you more eridium farm methods other than ruiner would help alot. His idea is to give you good eridium rewards for trails, slaughters, takedowns and so on. You do an endgame activity? You get a good reward. Also upping the eridium rewards for daylies and weeklies would be good. I would also up the eridium reward of hermi so you pretty much get your eridium back. Can´t beat hermi? 500 eridium says bye. You beat him? Here, have it back.