Lowlevel mayhem arms race wt fiddle... did they adjust difficulty in latest hotfix?

Sheesh - I just logged on my lvl32 to run some arms race at mayhem 1… what the holy crap. I’m getting badasses in every encounter from the start, extra packs of either those fat jerks with shields or robo dogs, shielded melee psychos that deplete my shield in a single hit, crap for drops, all in the first 2 minutes whichever way I go - out of 8 matches I have only finished one.

Has anyone else noticed arms race just got a lot harder or is it just low-lvls in mayhem mode? My level 13 on regular mode was a cakewalk by comparison

Yeah, I’m feeling this too. I like it though. Getting top tier shields and weapons should be tough.

It tends to be harder at lower levels too, because there is no anointments and you might lack ammo capacity and weapon slots depending on your level.

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Yeah I get it, it’s just that I can’t find anything in the hotfix notes about any Arms Race changes.

I’m thinking I might try bumping up to Mayhem 2 and 3 and see if it gets any easier (lol?)

My advice? Bump it straight to M10/11. Mayhem level won’t affect mob difficulty, but will guarantee anointments on weapons. Which should make gearing up on the fly easier. Any anoint that doesn’t rely on action skill activation will work, and that can multiply your DPS significantly.

You’ll get better gear too.