Lowlines did it again, the Attikus page that Rocks



Fan-â– â– â– â– â– â– â– -tastic work!

And look how good those Phoebe skins look!

@lowlines, I know you don’t want to spoil anything for us, but can you confirm that the other five legendaries can be obtained yet in any capacity? It’s surprising that nobody has found them yet.

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I’ve said in multiple places that they should be dropping from Loot Packs, which lines up with what @Jythri said in @MentalMars video. There could just be an issue with Legendaries dropping from packs atm as I’m not sure if I’ve heard anyone say they’ve even gotten a Legendary full stop since the patch. Taunts and Skins are dropping reasonably often though!!

I got an older legendary from a pack earlier today. Dr. Fist’s Medic Bag (plus a Benedict taunt, plus an Ernest skin, plus a blue item) from a UPR Commander Pack obtained in the new ops mission.

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Oh good, so they’re just super rare maybe? Btw that’s an awesome set of rewards from one pack!!

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The item was max roll too, haha. Truly the RNG Goddess smiled upon me.

I think they really didn’t do much for Mellka’s skins. They are 95% equal to each other.

The same can be said for Rath’s swords. Why they are purple when the skins are different color? They just look weird. I would have loved to have a different true Jennerit red Rath with red swords… eh.

Alani skins are lackluster too. Very similar to what she already had.

Overall I’m very pleased with the skin content in this dlc. Kelvin is always the best looking guy. That gold-purple one is probably my favorite in this game. Phoebe, Benedict, Ernest, Ambra, Deande and Galilea got some very awesome ones too. And that Ghalt’s pirate’ish red is a bomb!

Ok, ok, I’m gonna end now. ^^

Yeah Kelvin’s 85 Ops Skin looks unreal (like someone got a black crystal and poured melted gold over it)!! It just goes to show you can still do some cool things with “re-colors” that people are so critical about. And you’ll be getting 2 more of these per character for each DLC Operation!!

Mellka should have kept her original white streak in the Gadabout skin, rather than inexplicably carrying over the red from the Free Radical skin. The golden claw is cool, but the rest doesn’t fit the scheme at all.

I really hope she’s getting a cool premium skin soon. I was really counting on it for this DLC, to be honest. :cry:

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HELL YEAH! I want all of the Phoebe and Deande skins! I LOVE THIS GAME AGAIN!


@matrixltu If you haven’t seen the in-game screenshots of some of these in one of the many threads or reddit posts about the DLC skins, I suggest you check those out because the Meta Icons don’t do some of them justice!!

All she really got was the weird cyborg Mellka, and that was meh at its best

I actually really love the cyborg Mellka, partly because I have a thing for cyborgs (I even have a cybernetic female face as a half-sleeve tattoo on my left arm!) But I want her to have lots of nice pretty outfits. :frowning:


Phoebe only has one as well, and hers is worse :frowning: Why do the coolest characters get the fewest cool things?

I guess because they’re so cool that they don’t need microtransactions? :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, that Phoebe skin is another story altogether. Every time she appears in character select, I think the words “Directed by Tim Burton” should be superimposed over the screen


LOL right?! And it turns out that she’s played by Johnny Depp :confused:


He really can be anyone
Huh. I didn’t take much of a look, so I just saw a similarish outfit except half her face was metal. I’ll take another look. And it would be highly amusing if her and Phoebe had swapped skins, with lines from both about how horrible what they’re wearing is. “What is this gonna protect me from?” “Oooooooooooh, dancing in this is going to be impossible. Marquis?”

I totally just said this in Phoebe’s voice. In my head.

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I think Mellka’s reaction would be closer to “Please make sure Deande doesn’t see this”

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