Lowlines did it again, the Attikus page that Rocks

Yay lol, I did my job well. Or rather, Elizabeth Maxwell did.
You would know! I haven’t pegged her well yet. She’s very carefully developed. Phoebe is rather similar to me, if I was significantly more cruel, so that clicks easily

She did, very well. I love it when the Incursion sentry says something about an anime convention
(I forget the exact line) as many of the voice actors in BB work for FUNimation, including Elizabeth Maxwell and Christopher Sabat, also hence Wolf saying “Rath, do the nine thousand!” on occasions (Vegeta)

Actually, I’ll put the anime convention line in the references thread.

Okay, sorry for getting off-topic guys, I’ll get back on track (I just love Phoebe) :wink:

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The sentry appears to be one if the most meta characters in the game, following ISIC

I already have unlocked all of them in-game ^^

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OOoooo OOOOooooo, New toys. Must have! haha

Ooh I wanna see the tatt! :slight_smile: