Loyality rewards based on trophys list - please

My ps3 hard drive blew up. Thats why i got a ps4. I bought BHC today. Started a new character and miss all the cool stuff i had, anyway to give some rewards based in the ps trophys?

Hi @chadembrey-

Unfortunately, this isn’t possible at the moment. If anything were to change in that department, we’ll certainly let everyone know. FWIW, I’m in the same boat. I went from 360 to PS4! :smile:

Thanks but not exactly same issue i can see all my borderlands trophys, and they can be used for loyality awards thats how madden works

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@joekgbx Jeff has been mentioning today how the loyalty rewards will apparently use your Shift account to verify having played the old versions. Also he said, “A cross save/transfer won’t be necessary for loyalty rewards.” So while this is amazing news, assuming it’s not confusion: does this mean you still need to have played them in the same console family? (PS3->PS4, 360->XB1.) Since it’s solely going off Shift accounts, it shouldn’t matter if the previous games were played on XBL/Steam when verifying. I’ll remain cautiously optimistic, haha.

Yes, you would indeed need to have played in the same console family.