Loyalty Playthroughs or Loyalty Builds?

Just wondering how people do these. I do a Loyalty Playthrough on the rare occasions where I do any sort of Loyalty at all, but was wondering if anyone else was as focused as I was. I also apply that to non-weapon gear, though I do give myself freedom to use whatever if there is nothing made by that manufacturer for that slot. Of course, until I find an item of the appropriate make, that slot is free to anything. How do you guys do Loyalty characters?

For my Jakobs allegiance Gaige I only allowed:
-Their weapons
-One particular COM that would benefit the most (I believe it was Dahl)
-Only Relics that boosted Jakobs weapons
-Grenades were only explosive ones at first, but I changed that to a Slag Transfusion in the end
-Anshin/Pangolin for shields

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I’m really, extremely, almost beyond, casual. Mostly just weapons and grenades, shields if they suit my needs well enough. I also will give my guys 2 manufacturers in an attempt to use all of the ammo pools. I’m sort of manufacturer polyamorous.


@Adabiviak is all about this type of thing.
I normally just limit it to guns if i do it at all


IMO it’s got to be guns and relic. What’s the point of doing allegiance if you’re not using the relic?

Shields - usually I’ll go with the manufacturer but a Jakobs Zer0 with a Rough Rider is no fun.

COM - never. COMs are given arbitrary manufacturers that have little or nothing to do with the play style. To me it makes no sense to even consider it.

Grenades - see shields.

For more :

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This is why my choice fell on Pangolin, and Anshin. They are the most the most fitting when you go for Jakobs if you ask me.

Interesting information. Not going to lie, though: I was mainly interested in whether you guys do Loyalty Builds, or full Loyalty Playthroughs.

Erm. What’s the difference? Most of our allegiance characters are dedicated to just that. Sorry if I’m missing something obvious.

I think he means running the character from lvl 1 or just doing an end game build


I think Pie sussed that out good.

But in answer:

Most often when someone talks about an allegiance character we understand it this way, from level 1. I’m really casual while leveling. If the character hits a wall and underleveled gears are the issue I’ll break “allegiance” to get through something, or if they get something and I want to play with it for a bit I don’t flagellate myself over it. But I only actively seek out items that fit in to my restrictions.

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Au contraire! I mean, it depends on a number of factors, but I find a time and place for it that works for me.

Allegiance is the only thing I play (one character for each manufacturer) with the exception of Salvador on rare occasion (and Krieg even less frequently). Because the manufacturers’ have unique gimmicks for their weapons, shields, and grenades, combining them onto a single character lets me work with/around their combined quirks at once.

This is why I don’t include COMs.

  • Each manufacturer is represented by a character with a different build. They’re all OP8 (though I play at OP3), so this mostly translates to two different capstones.

    • Axton reps Torgue (Guerilla and Gunpowder) and Dahl (Gunpowder and Survival)
    • Maya reps Tediore (Harmony and Cataclysm) and Hyperion (Motion and Harmony)
    • Gaige reps Maliwan (Best Friends Forever and Little Big Trouble) and Bandit (Best Friends Forever and Ordered Chaos)
    • Zer0 reps Jakobs (Sniping and Cunning) and Vladof (Cunning and Bloodshed)
  • Each character may only have one instance of any weapon type (only one Pimpernel for Gaige, one Crossfire for Axton, for example)

    • Maya gets three Fibbers: one with each barrel type.
    • Assault rifles with Torgue- and Vladof-barrel options may be included as a different weapon type.
    • Non-Maliwan reps get to pack a Magic Missile for the sole purpose of grenade regeneration (and opening that one room).
    • Only one gem-themed weapon may be brought to the field, and may be used as an exception to these rules.
  • Anshin and Pangolin shields may be rotated in by anyone. These manufacturers don’t make weapons, but I don’t want to exlude them from use entirely.

  • Gaige may carry any shield she wants to give to Deathtrap, but she must return to her allegiance shield once he’s deployed.

  • Jakobs Zer0 gets to use a weak slag Transfusion grenade. This one exception makes up for the lack of Moxxi gear, lack of a grenade, and lack of slag gear without itself contributing directly to the damage output.

  • Any COM and any relic may be used by anyone.

  • They wear one of the three manufacturer skins made, and drive vehicles skinned out of that same set. (The head is just my favorite at the moment).

  • I have a ‘foreign exchange program’ where I’ll loan an off-brand weapon to someone to play with that mechanic. Sometimes Zer0 plays with my bladed Little Evie, sometimes Axton gets a Baby Maker, etc.

  • When I pick a map/mission, I choose the loadout ahead of time, and try to stick to that set of gear, even if I chose poorly.

…been playing this sort of allegiance for six years straight, maybe more? I have a spreadsheet with a list of all possible travel destinations weighted by the mission count per that map, along with a list of these characters. The spreadsheet randomly chooses a character and map for me to play. This is the priority list from there:

  • whatever I feel like doing
  • story missions
  • side missions
  • map challenges
  • personal challenges

Between these 8 distinct builds/loadouts across 71 maps (with all those things to do on any given map), it’s exceptionally rare that I do the same thing twice.

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I realize my op was rather open-ended, but I wasn’t sure if the Loyalty builds I’d seen were just a build to be specced into at end-game, or were the final result of a full playthrough. I honestly wasn’t sure if I was the only one who did entire Loyalty Playthroughs, which led to the creation of this thread. Especially since it was my Tediore Commando playthrough (that I started but never finished before switching to the Xbox One, and didn’t get around totransferring that character before losingmy 360) that made me appreciate Tediore weapons. Hell, the Fastball is my single favorite Grenade mod because of that run-through.

The idea of allowing Anshin and Pangolin Shields is a good one, and would help keep shields from falling too far behind. I also tend to gravitate towards Loyalty Relics, but was interested to see if anyone else did.

Well I’ve done level 1 to 72 allegiance runs.

I’ve also done several resets where I’ve taken an OP0, OP2 or OP4 character, dumped all their existing gear and turned them into an allegiance character. Then I’ll do a vanilla and/or DLC run.

I have them in my respective quivers, but man it’s hard to beat a Bone of the Ancients. Dahl (Burst Fire Delay and Mag Size) I use more than a Bone because it really changes Dahl’s scoped fire behavior, and Torgue (Fire Rate and Mag Size) I use more because he doesn’t have any elemental weapons, and those weapons need both of these (especially my Evil Smasher). Maliwan and Bandit I use on occasion, and the others almost never see the light of day.

I’ve been planning on using a Bone on my current Siren (Level 44 in TVHM, and I’ve just gotten the mission to kill Jack’s body double in Opportunity), but I was worried I was missing out on something just sticking with a Cooldown Relic before upgrading to a Bone. Loyalty Relics would be an opportunity to try something different.

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The Siren COM will make that an easy choice once you find one. Its cooldown is equal that of a relic.

Same thing with the Hunter for Zer0 and Leg Engineer/Soldier for Ax.

Of course that’s narrowing the build field a bit, but they still make it easy to justify.

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