Loyalty Reward Customizations?

Did anyone happen to catch what they were? I am not seeing anything that stands out.

I’ve been asking the same thing and looking all over ever since they were first announced and still haven’t been able to find an answer or even a picture of them anywhere. What are these bonus customizations? Has anyone got them already? I’m particularly interested in the BL2 ones.

I’m fairly certain these are the customization skins you’re asking about from the loyalty rewards for BL2. The second two are the same design for all of the characters but the top one (Cyanide) is different for each character… lol which I can’t recall which one it was specifically for the other guys.




The skins for TPS I have no idea really, all the ones marked as new where just skins I got from the save transfer. I got lucky as far as BL2 went and the only skins marked as new where the loyalty ones because the loyalty rewards got turned back on while I was ingame checking out my save transfers.

I’m still trying to figure out what guns I got from the rewards in BL2.

Thank you very much for the reply, but the images you posted aren’t showing for me. When I click on them it asks me to log into my microsoft account, and even when I do it, it says the image can’t be displayed because it contains errors…? Could you please post them again, maybe through the image upload feature in the post editor?

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Wait… I think those are the lost BL2 skins! Dahl Efficiency (one for each character), Cyanide (Zer0), Shadowy Warrior (Axton), Empress (Maya), Tell Me the Truth (Salvador)… I still can’t see the pictures, but those are the skins, right? It always bothered me that you couldn’t get those in the game anymore and now they’re giving us all of them as a gift? Friggin’ finally! I actually had a feeling that those would be the bonus skins, even mentioned it in the cross save functionality thread, but I honestly thought it was just wishful thinking on my part. Holy crap, I’m so giddy right now! Are you absolutely sure those are the loyalty rewards?!

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As far as I can tell those are the ones I got.


Thanks for reposting the images, man! And yes, those are the ones I was hoping we would get! The middle one (Emerald Assassin) is part of the Luck of the Zafords pack, which was previously released through SHiFT codes as a St. Patrick’s Day special, but the other two were impossible to get legitimately until now. I know I sound silly for being so excited about this, but it’s just that I thought I would never have those skins.


I’m glad your excited lol doesn’t sound a bit silly to me. Glad I could help out too.

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