Loyalty reward program

I see that we can’t use our points any more, but I’m wondering about the guns we get in the mail for meeting certain criteria. Is that also going away?

You can use your points until May, or maybe it was March, but they’re still good at this time.

If you mean get 8 weapons for that special gun reward then I’m not sure. Someone who has that (level 12 Vault Hero) and making mules can help out on that question

If you have this smg it’s yours, won’t disappear from game.

If you are referring to the guns manufactures send you through the in game mail system, those are staying. They are part of the game and not related to the borderlands loyalty/VIP program.

Smokeoff, yes, that’s exactly what I meant! Good, I’m glad that those are staying. I’m kind of bummed about the points being lost as I really never used them, but at least that feature is staying.

That feature needs significant improvement, cause now is more useless than helpful.

The rewards system needs a revamp. It’s good when you’re going through the levels until you hit max level.

I’ll rather you get manufacture points instead of weapons. You get 1 point for every 100 kills and your spend 1 for a random white, 5 for a blue or 20 for a legendary.

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