Loyalty rewards April 7th

So am I right in guessing that as of today April 7 th the loyalty rewards have been fixed? As really starting to bother me now

I’ve gotten a ton of keys and some bonus swag so, maybe??? Haven’t tried to import lately to see if my B.A.R and great came over.

Loyalty AFAIK was fixed April 2. Got my extra skins/weapons/keys and my BAR trasnferred correctly upon reupload.

I re uploaded my character and got my badass points but nothing else is there a way to re download my character with out losing my current progress

You’ll want to download and choose “Save As New” instead of “Overwrite”.

However, you do not need to complete a character transfer to receive loyalty rewards. The game will check to see if the SHiFT account you have connected to The Handsome Collection has played either BL2 or BL:TPS on the same console family (PS3/PS Vita for PS4 players or Xbox 360 for Xbox One users) and then add the rewards to your account.

Make sure you have the same SHiFT account connected to both generations of titles (PS3/Vita for PlayStation 4 players or Xbox 360 for Xbox One players). If you’re having issues, please get with our support team and they will help you figure out what’s going on: http://support.gearboxsoftware.com

Ah coz I never had a shift account what I had my borderlands on the 360 this is the first time I had a shift account so if I sign in with my shift account on the 360 then sign bk In on my xbox one will that work ?

Yeah that never worked lol I got one golden key that’s it

I’m still facing the same issues. My SHiFT account is logged into both consoles, I’ve got 3 characters uploaded to the cloud, and it recognizes everything else I had, but it’s not giving me the rewards.

What gives?

If one were to try from scratch, what would the best method be? I haven’t played it yet because I want to go ahead and get my keys, so I don’t have to worry about losing progress.

Things I’ve tried are signing out/signing in of SHiFT, re-uploading and re-downloading my characters, clearing my cache, etc…

It’d be nice to get this worked out.

The steps to get your loyalty rewards are:

  1. Log in to SHiFT on either Borderlands 2 or Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel on a last-gen console.
  2. Log in to SHiFT using the same account on the Handsome Collection on a current-gen console of the same family (Xbox One if you previously played on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 4 if you previously played on PS3/Vita).
  3. SHiFT will verify that you have indeed played the last-gen version of a game and give you the rewards in both Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel on The Handsome Collection. If you go to “EXTRAS” and then “SHiFT Code” you can see if these were rewarded.

That’s as easy as it is! If you’re having issues, our support team can look into your account history and get you set up with the rewards if you meet the qualifications! http://support.gearboxsoftware.com.

Still never worked I was already signed in on my 360 the only reward I got was for signing up and got 1 key

I put a support ticket in yesterday and they am said people where having trouble and that was the last I heard

I’ve done precisely that.

I’ve logged in on the 360 first, then onto the Xbox one. Reversely I’ve logged into the Xbox One First then the Xbox 360. I’ve logged them in both at the same time.

I’ve downloaded characters, I’ve uploaded characters, and still to no avail, I’ve only got 26 and no transfer of ranks.

Would you prefer I upload a video or a step by step to show that I’m doing all the steps correctly and then some? I’ve literally tried everything under the sun including doing this after deleting my cache, and still nothing.

Some more information-

I originally played on my older Halo 3 Xbox 360. I’m now pulling saved data (from far back as 2012, right around release) onto my new Halo 4 Xbox 360.

This Halo 4 Xbox 360 is plugged into my Xbox One and running under the “TV”

I’m pulling the saved data off the cloud.

I’m under the same Gamertag, same Xbox Live Account and the same SHiFT account as before.

It’s recognizing that I’ve had stuff in Borderlands 2 before (as per the screen prompts), and on my Xbox 360 it’s showing all the owned BL2 content I have.

Now, what’s not happening is that I’m not getting my rewards. Like at all. I’ve logged in and out of my SHiFT account, as per the “easy” instructions and nothing. I’m still at a loss for these keys.

I’m willing to delete everything but my Cloud saved games to get this done, so it’d be nice to get this going so I can get on with the game.


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Not needed – our support team can look into your play history and manually provide you with the appropriate rewards!

Hey! So interestingly enough (as I wait for a response to my ticket), I found that I do have my rewards for TPS but not Borderlands 2. Funnily enough, I only played BL2 on the 360.

Very curious, but good to know I’m not going entirely insane!


Have they fixed it I’m having the same issue…


And is somehow desiring to add insult to injury now, I reloaded my BL2 game after a quick round of Halo, and I come back to my characters now having 1 Golden Key each.

What gives?

So after checking through everything ALL of my characters have had their data reverted to 1 Golden key each, down from the previous 26. SHiFT is logged in and all of that good stuff, and it’s showing that I have it on my account. Why isn’t it distributing it?

What should be 101 Golden keys between my Loyalty Rewards + the 25 Bonus ones I have a measly single 1.

It’s even seen above that I should have more than that. I didn’t even move my characters heh.

What should have been an exciting and fun experience has ended up in way too much confusion and disappointment.

I had a reply asking me what my shift account was and what I was missing that was 2 days ago and I still no golden keys

Have you heard back from our support team yet? If not, please send me a PM with your Ticket number.

Also, it sounds like you may have lost your rewards due to the game not saving. Make sure to use the “Save and Quit” functionality before switching apps on your Xbox to make sure everything gets properly stored!

Quick, just load my account with about 130 shift keys (We can keep up to 255 right?). For broken and stuff. :wink: