Loyalty Rewards Disappeared (UPDATED)

I signed into ShiFt, saw the reward, started game. In Concordia I went to Shift console and it stated I was not signed in. I closed game and restarted, back in Concordia was able to access console but no rewards? Am I doing something wrong? Also, no keys/rewards for BL2 as well.

i jus lot my rewards an all my keys aswell
after i redeemed all my keys an weapons in game in pre sequel i then went to the customization bit an the game froze up on me. as the game had not saved when i reloaded the game all my keys an the weapons were gone. all 101 of my golden keys. im unsure if i still have the skins as i have not been abe to get in the customisation bit to check as my game keeps freezing.
id send a support ticket an see what they can do. chances are you game didnt save properly and the items are jus gone. they might not be tho an u might be lucky.

Same game froze and I lost all my keys and the claptrap customization along with whatever remaining moonstones I didn’t spend

I submitted a support ticket as well, hopefully they can fix this.

guys i go from 360 to PS4 and got an ather email for shift i guese my keys and badass bonus is dead?

Still no reply?

Hello all, just wanted to let everyone know that the customer service at Gearbox is top notch.

I had an issue with the Loyalty Rewards disappearing from the shift vendor due to a freeze possibly(?) and, in about a week after submitting a ticket to support, the problem was solved.

Thank you all at support for the quality customer service.

Sorry I didn’t catch this sooner – glad to hear the team was able to help you out though :slight_smile: