Loyalty rewards never show in backpack

I got my character cross-saved from the PS3, checked my backpack, got an additional 5000 BA, redistributed the Badass tokens, visited my bank, then visited Shifty’s kiosk. I saw 75 keys, 100 moonstones, my TFTB loyalty gear from the PS3, a couple new weapons for BL and BL2 loyalty, and 11 or 12 customization tickets. I redeemed the tickets, left the kiosk, then checked my backpack. Nothing there. I checked the New-U, nothing there. I checked a Moon Zoomy station, but didn’t see any new skins. I rebooted the game just to see if that would do anything. Nada. Any ideas? Is there a list of these loyalty reward customizations?

I hope I don’t have to reload my old PS3 character. I lucked into a Neogenator while checking vendors in Concordia.