Loyalty Rewards on PC

Hey there.

I was wondering if there is some kind of loyalty codes or something for Borderlands players who play on console and PC.

I own multiple copies of the 3 games for the 360. I had pre-ordered BL2 and TPS for 360. I own HC for Xbone. I also own TPS on my PC so I could start playing it on my work trips. I also had the season pass for BL2 as well as purchased all non season pass content. I was busy with work for the Pre-Sequel so even though I owned it from day 1 I wasn’t able to play it much on the 360 which is why I purchased it for PC as well so I can play on the road. Shortly after, the HC was announced so I didn’t feel the need to purchase the season pass for it.

What I’m trying to get to is I have to pay to play the DLC content on my PC yet I can play them without an extra charge on my Xbox One. Is there any type of console to PC loyalty thing? I know purchasing the HC doesn’t warrant free content for the PC but with how much I’ve spent on the Borderlands series through out the years I was hoping maybe there’s a way to acquire the DLC content on PC without having to purchase them again.

Sorry if this sounds a little entitled, I’m really not demanding anything just wondering if such thing exists.