Loyalty rewards

So I had updates for both borderlands today and I got my loyalty rewards for the pre sequel but not for bl2… do I have to bring over another save from my 360 again to get them? And if I bring the same save over as I did in the first place I don’t have to overwrite it right?

It doesn’t matter if you have a transfered save
A friend of mime got the loyalty rewards without a transfered save

I am also having the same problem

you got it on the pre sequel but not bl2 also?

I didn’t get it on either

Im Actually really angry about this i played both Borderlands games on the PS3 Now i have just bought an xbox one which really annoys me due to i want deeeemmmmmm keyyyyyssssss lol :slight_smile: but seriously it sucks so much man

I heard that they are working on it

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I got all my stuff on the pre sequel yesterday after the updates but not on bl2 which is the game I care the most about. It will happen