Loyalty Weapons Bug Fixed?

Does anyone know if the loyalty weapon Glitch has been fixed… i.e that Mac and PC players weren’t getting them?

If it’s been fixed i’ll install BL1 again and play a few levels then start a new character

I don’t think they’ve figured out why it wasn’t giving the rewards, but even if they did, unfortunately you’re not going to get the rewards after you’ve installed and run the game. TPS only detects save files the first time you start up the game and if you didn’t have save files detected then you may be out of luck.

There was some way of resetting this but you’d lose all your head and skin unlocks… you had to delete your profile, I think. I’m not 100% sure on the exact process.

You could always email tech support and explain the problem, I’ve read that some people who did that were given a bullpup afterwards. D:

Yeah, I’d do as jd641 one suggests and submit a support ticket. I’ve always gotten all of the loyalty rewards (both guns and skins), so I don’t know how easy it would be to fix it for those who haven’t.

I emailed tech support on my first toon. but now I am on 5th its a pain not having the bullpup…at different levels

It’s not that great either, dont feel bad about it.


The Bullpup is one of the best shotguns in the game.


I thought it was one of the best shotgus in the game :slight_smile: just goes to show how peoples views vary

Heresy detected.

I was trying to be nice, so he doesn’t feel bad for his bugged game ¬¬
Sure it’s nice when you are leveling a character but meh, I’m not a shotgun enthusiast.

I always use: smg - laser - assault rifle - rocket launcher. Not a fan of shotguns :blush:

Actually, shotguns really shine in TPS. I love to freeze enemies with my Frigidia then one shot them with my Ravager.

The Bullpup is one of the best shotguns, but I’ve kinda gotten away from it because there are so many good ones you can get as quest rewards and farming.

I’m a shotgun, shotgun, shotgun pistol type of guy… I like it up close and personal… I also can’t remember the last time I had a rocket launcher in my loadout… damn can’t remember the last time I fired one.

Yessir, it sure is. I’ve yet to find a straight-damage Hyperion shottie that matches it, at the same level.