Lucain call won't drop ready to stop playing your game

Been playing this game every day for a while now and this Lucian call will not drop I’m getting tired of playing and no reward every every everything else drops but that lucians called what’s up gearbox with this game

I get a lucien call quite a bit from chupa in Athenas. Matter fact I’m actually hitting him up once I get my annointed redline. As I owe a friend here some general annointed calls.

PSN APE-160 if you’re on the network.

Have you tried Jakob’s Estate loot tink on MH3 playing offline? I’d be geniunely surprised if you’ve been farming for a few days there and didn’t have some drop. I farmed there for a week and now have one in every element, been selling duplicates since.

add me to friendlist. When I got LC drop I will send to you . I shrink too many LC in a past couz I not have space to carry it and its duplicate what I already have :0

Dinklebot? drops loot envelopes you can trade to crazy earl, 1 of the 3 legendarys he gives is lucians call

with this event you can spam 40 loot o grams to earl, he should have lucians call anointed now I guess