Lucian Call Ps4

Hey There,

Has anyone actually got this gun during the farming frenzy event? And what bosses typically drop this item I need it for my Zane Cryo build.

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Dang, I just mailed a Cryo Lycians with xrit annoint to a random on my friends list last night.

Infrequently find them in the Slaughter Shaft. Not often enough to recommend farming that in particular there but SS is great for just finding a lot of everything.

I usually see them dropped from Capt. Traunt among other things

Awesome thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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Maybe just RNG but I picked up 5 anointed ones from Gravy this morning. I’ll check to see if I have one in cryo. On PS4 as well.

Thank you so much I would greatly appreciate that. I’m sorry what does RNG mean?

Dude after the weekend im happy to send u a Cryo Lucians Call.

i’m pretty sure i have a cryo lucians call if you wanted it, i’m probably not gonna use it

Plain old luck … Random Number Generator.

Thank you so much bro! My psn is Lydee91 really appreciate it a lot.

Thank you so much I’ll take it my psn is lydee91. Thank you so much bro :slight_smile:

Gotcha thank you for that I never heard of that before lol.

i sent a friend request

I just accepted it thank you so much bro! :slight_smile:

btw guys u can just copy ur save to usb and give any item away and then just overwrite old save.

Hi Guys, I also have been looking for a Cryo Lucians Call, my name is Oliebear on PSN. I have other cool weapons or shields etc. if I have it I will share it. Thanks for sharing with fellow vault hunters!

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Hey brother I have a spare I can give you one tonight when I’m on accept my friend request I’ll mail you the gun :).

Oh man I missed you! I am going to be online today and tonight. Going to try for more gear before event is over. Thanks!! For thinking about me. If we dont get to hookup. I still appreciate the kind offer to help.!